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CIYH Comments & Testimonials

--C. Carrick, Host ...I will say, if the artist has the CIYH link attached, I will follow up with them much quicker than those that do not include it. To me, it seems that the artist must have some cred to be included as a CIYH artist.

Chukkar Farm, Host As a house concert host, CIYH allows me to keep a "semi-public" profile - which shields me from a lot of amateur artists and agents who don't understand the traditions of house concerts, and the high level of talent that I seek. I've taken down our "house concerts websites," because they generally attract attention from the wrong people. With CIYH, artist inquiries (when I choose to allow them) tend to be very high caliber and on target. The e-flyers and calendars are cool too.

Wayne Gratz, Artist "I should have emailed you. I have already booked a house concert for March and I'm looking forward to more. Thanks again for your personal attention - it is appreciated!!!"

John Laird, Artist "CIYH is the best and most up-to-date. Other house concert sites have badly outdated info - it seems like they put the site up one time and then never maintain it."

Tori Sparks, Artist So far, I think I've booked 7 shows and had a bunch of others interested, working on scheduling and such... probably heard back from an additional dozen, but he only sent out the inquiries a few days ago.

James Casto, Artist "I recently performed a "Concert In Your Home" in Atlanta. It was one of the best live playing experiences of my career! There were about 40 people packed into the living room/den of the host's home sitting on the floor, couches, chairs, and standing. It was unbelievable. It's so refreshing to have total strangers listen to every note and every word... they were so close it seemed that I was able to connect to them on a level that I've never been able to do from a big stage.

After the show I had the opportunity to meet most of the guests, hand out business cards, and sell a lot of product. What a great night! So many people told me that this was one of the coolest ideas they had ever seen and wanted to host their own show. I sent all of them to your website! Please keep up the great work and I'll do my part to promote ConcertsInYourHome."

Sharman Petri, Agent Keep up the good work with Concerts in Your Home. Both Gabrielle and Beth have gotten several dates from the database as registered artists.

Yampa Valley Boys, Artist We did two shows that we booked through CIYH, both in Nebraska. These house concerts were in between bookings that we had in Casper, WY and Ashland, NE, which filled in our open dates perfectly. The Clark's were great hosts and we were told that they had their best attendance ever at our show. It was a great evening.

Amanda Duncan, Artist I've already set up something in August! Haha! I'm setting up a few small tours... so I think it's going to be great!

Charles Theodore Zerner, Artist It's people like you who bring new infrastructure to the music marketplace helping some of the best musicians of our era survive...

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