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"References/recommendations are important to me, since I often book artists I haven't seen perform." -- J. Canberra

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can artists list house concerts they've played? Yes, you can now list house concerts that you've played in the past, and add comments or recommendations for them. For privacy reasons, only hosts can list shows in the future, since those events appear on publicly viewable pages.

2. Can hosts or artists ask for recommendations? Please don't. It can put the other in an awkward position. Despite the fact that someone likes you personally, it doesn't mean that they want to stake their reputation on your performance or hosting abilities. We want all recommendations to be sincere and whole-hearted. No one should feel obligated, and all encouragement for "gig reviews" should come from CIYH.

3. What about (constructive) criticism, will that go in someone's profile? You can offer a recommendation, constructive feedback, or both - and they go in two separate boxes. Only recommendations will show up in member's profiles. The feedback box is only viewable by Fran or Jeff (or CIYH staff.)

4. How will CIYH handle feedback that indicates an artist or host is doing something wrong? We will assume that ALL criticism and feedback are given with the expectation of anonymity. Unless we suspect danger or very bad consequences, we will look for patterns of behavior rather than isolated incidents, and make our suggestions without mentioning the source of the critique. If we feel that we need to reach out to a member based on your feedback, we will contact you first if we feel there's any chance they'll be able to identify you as the source.

5. I'm a host. How can I add past events so I can recommend artists that I did not list on my calendar prior to the event? Please send those recommendations directly to jeff, and we'll add them to the artists' profiles the old way. For now, hosts can only list events in the future at CIYH.

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