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Most Powerful Tools to Help House Concert Hosts
New! House Concert Signs
Signs for suggested donations, come in quietly, etc. Please recommend others you'd find useful. Easy PDF download, print only the page you need.
House Concert Guide (Booklet or Download)
This informative and fun guide will help you avoid many commons mistakes, and inspire you to get the most from each event. The physical guide also includes a 12 month calendar with our hilarious house concert cartoons, Carnegie Small.
House Concert Invitation Video
Link or embed this video on your website or in your eVites and eFlyers. Viewed more than 13,000 times, this short video is the best way to inspire friends to attend your shows, and to give them a good idea of what the event will be like.
House Concert Basics Video
This 3-minute video explains, in a clear and inspiring way, how to host house concerts that make a lasting impression on your guests and artists.
Always Fill the Room
This short document will give you 8 different ideas that can help you make each show a success. Nothing takes the energy out of the room like empty chairs. Use these ideas to really boost your RSVPs. Click the title to download.

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