"Private events for the public good." -- Fran Snyder
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"Fran Snyder...is more than a musician and entrepreneur who has built
a better mousetrap; he has done so based on a wide range of firsthand
industry experience. -- Present Magazine

Music Marketing [dot] Com

3 Ways to got to a living room concert in SF
Music Marketing [dot] Com

Music Marketing [dot] Com: Music Marketing Podcast #2 - House Concert Tips and Advice
Mediapocalypse.com 11/12
Living Rooms as Music Venues: Interview with Concerts in Your Home Founder Fran Snyder
American Way Magazine 01/13
WTSP Tampa News: Listening Room Festival
Fran Snyder named in Music Connection's "Top 50 Innovators... of 2008." [no link for image]
30-minute interview with Fran discussing the appeal of house
concerts 08/07
CDBabyPodcast. 30-minute interview with Fran discussing the appeal of house concerts.
2 clips on Youtube with Fran Snyder of
ListeningRoomNetwork.com 08/07
Tampa Bay Media Talk. Fran appears on Tampa Bay Media Talk to promote ListeningRoomNetwork.com
part one | part two
Feature on Fran Snyder and ListeningRoomNetwork.com 11/06
The Song in All of Us. 6 min clip of a 30 minute feature on Fran Snyder and ListeningRoomNetwork.com
Feature on Fran Snyder and ListeningRoomNetwork.com 01/07
Good Morning Arkansas. 3 min. clip of a 10 minute feature on Fran Snyder and ListeningRoomNetwork.com
Interview with Fran Snyder of ListeningRoomNetwork.com 10/06
KSNT Topeka. Short clip of a 5 minute interview with Fran Snyder of ListeningRoomNetwork.com

09/07 - BBC
House Concerts in the U.K.


NPR 2005
Jazz House Parties a Nightclub Alternative in NYC

NPR 2002
Musician Susan Werner Finds Connections in Home Concerts


The Florida Listening Room Festival expands to an office near you. March 11, 2014
By Leilani Polk, Creative Loafing Ear Buds

For the Ultimate, Intimate Concert, Host It Yourself, December 4, 2010
By Meribah Knight, New York Times

Intimate shows bring down the house, June 9, 2010
By Jim Kavanagh, CNN

TalkingWithTim.com, May 10, 2010
Fran Snyder on Concerts in Your Home

weallmakemusic.com, April 6, 2010
Tips For Presenting Concerts In Your House by Eric Volpe

Radio Iowa News, August 20 2009
House concerts bring singers to back yards.

ArkCity.net, June 6 2009
Audiences at home at HatCreek concerts

Palm Beach Artspaper, May 29 2009
Entertainers Warm to Concerts Held in People's Homes

The Graphic Weekly, Michigan, April 2009
House Concerts In Michigan

Tennessee Arts Commission Spring 2009 (PDF)
"Welcome to our Living Room" pages 4-5

vcreporter.com January 2009
Folk is in the house

ajc.com December 2008
Turn your home into a concert venue

performermag.com September 2008
Helping Touring Artists Turn a Profit

The Canadian Press September 22, 2008
Touring artists bring it home

New York Times June 8, 2008
When the Mosh Pit Is Your Sofa

The Province November 18, 2008
Birth of the Blues Society by Tom Harrison

Sioux City Journal April 7, 2008
featuring Spencer House Concerts, Justin Roth, Chad Elliott and ConcertsInYourHome

upstatetoday.com March 22, 2008
Unplugged in your den

Present Magazine Mar 28, 2008
Concerts In Your Home

Salt Lake Tribune
Playing To A Full House

Dan Daley
The Burgeoning House Concert Phenomena Turns Home Into Venue

Birmingham News
featuring Small Stages, Rod Picott, Fran Snyder and ListeningRoomNetwork.com

Encore Magazine
The Hidden World Of House Concerts

New York Times 2002
featuring Jimmy Lafave, Grassy Hill House Concerts, Church House Concerts

The Wave Magazine 2006
featuring True Wind Music House Concerts, Eliza Gilkyson

The Acorn 2007
featuring Russ and Julie's House Concerts 10 year anniversary, Lowen and Navarro, Lawrence Juber (Paul McCartney).


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