"Transform your living room into a gorgeous music setting."
House Concert and Small Venue Lighting
This is the most fantastic product for small touring acts I've seen in more than 10 years. -- Fran Snyder

Be sure to see the lighting options in the two videos.

Purchase Info

You can purchase this 4-bulb, rechargeable unit directly from CIYH for only $250. Purchase two units and receive a free canvas case. Email Fran if you have any questions.

Frequent Questions

These lights are not motorized and do not dim. Set them up how you like, then forget about them and enjoy the show. Charge lasts 4+ hours.

You can light up a living room with a properly placed desk lamp and a couple of colored flood lamps from Home Depot. However, if you'd like a more professional look, you will really appreciate the 4-bulb, rechargeable PLS.

Canvas bag holds two units.

Demo of the original 8 bulb unit.

Lighting examples from Folk Alliance.
This is where the lights were hung from an air vent in the back of the room. The segment with Rebecca Loebe is not lit differently- it's simply the effect of shooting (from reverse angle) directly into the light.

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