"House Concerts - music, audience, no distractions."

Message from Fran Snyder, Founder of ConcertsInYourHome

"Fran Snyder...is more than a musician and entrepreneur who has built a better mousetrap; he has done so based on a wide range of firsthand industry experience." -- Present Magazine


My name is Fran Snyder and I have a touring problem. I want to take my music out to the world and earn enough to live, not just survive. I want to play for people that listen, even if that means smaller audiences. I need to reduce my tour expenses (lodging, meals, promotion) so that I can call more nights a success. And finally, I want to connect more deeply at each show so that my career isn't a parade of nameless faces.

Does that sound like your problem too? If so, you already know the solution - house concerts.

So I've dreamed, sketched, and built this platform from scratch. Since 2006 I've invested more than $100,000 in professional website development, and recruited some great part-time employees and volunteers to create a powerful platform and an amazing community. ConcertsInYourHome.com (CIYH) is the main result, and it now inspires and enables thousands of beautiful events every year.

We've developed new formats like TenTen Concerts, DinnerAndSong, and DessertAndSong to help you get gigs on weeknights. ListeningRoomFestival.com creates statewide tours of house concerts.

You support this work and vision when you connect with our community. CIYH one of the few places on the web where the opportunities outnumber the artists. It can be challenging for artists to get in, but we think it's worth the effort. -- Fran Snyder

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