"House Concerts - music, audience, no distractions."
How will this site benefit me?

"ConcertsInYourHome continues to be very helpful to my career. I play 170 live shows per year, and at least 35 are house concerts I pick up through CIYH. Though I often make considerably more, the average house concert earns me $250. So I would estimate that I have CIYH to thank for about $6,250 of my income per year - a very good return on the annual membership fee."
-- Rupert Wates

Since house concerts typically earn $200-500 for artists, you can earn your investment back with a single show. In a year's time, this could be one of the best investments you've ever made.

Here's how: We'll
  • help you create an artist profile that emphasizes what makes you great for these events.
  • give you access to hundreds of house concert presenters (around the world!) so you can easily find the best matches, and contact them directly.
  • help you inspire your fans to host house concerts for you.
  • continue to inspire, coach, and connect with 10-20 new hosts each month and consistently provide you more gig opportunities.
You'll be joining a well-respected community of artists. We limit membership so our artists have more opportunities, and our hosts continue to be impressed with the caliber of our talent roster. We think you'll like it here.

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