"House Concerts - music, audience, no distractions."
Am I a good fit?

Some of our artists...

Beth Wood, Eric Taylor, Allie Farris Mason Douglas, Catie Curtis, Vinx Jesse Terry, Paul Sprawl, Flavio Sala Dana Hubbard, Sarah Peacock, Lipbone Redding Betty Soo, Bob Malone, Matthew Perryman Jones Joe Jencks, Michael Gulezian, Cara Luft Callaghan, John Wort Hannam, Liz Longley Terry Ellis, Michael Pickett, David Roth Jack Tempchin, The Flyin A's, The Dwells
We cater to touring artists.

To maximize your benefits from CIYH, you should be touring at least regionally. Hosts are 80% U.S., 10% Canada, and 10% Europe and Australia.

Can you perform...
  • as a solo, duo, or small trio?
  • 60-90 minutes of mostly original material?
  • with little or no amplification?
  • for donations ($10-20 /person) from those who attend?
If so, you've come to the right place.

Our house concert community is made up of hundreds of music fans.

Most are interested in:

  • folk and acoustic
  • contemporary singer-songwriter
  • bluegrass
  • country/americana
  • celtic/regional
  • a few also enjoy blues, jazz, instrumental, and indie rock.
If you perform rap, hard rock, cover tunes, devotional, or electronic music, you won't find much interest from house concert presenters at this time.

What exactly is a house concert?
How will this site benefit me?

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