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Q: How many gigs will I get?

A: CIYH is dedicated to creating opportunities and interest, but we are not a booking agency. Aside from your efforts, your bookings will be a direct result of your appeal to this market, your ability to turn someone's interest into a gig, and your ability to go where the opportunities present themselves. We do not offer refunds.

Q: Is there a commission?

A: CIYH takes no percentage. Exception: You may be offered a gig by CIYH or an agency we work with. In such a case, any commissions or fee will be explained to you before you accept the booking.

Q: Can I list my full-band?

A: We promote acts who can comfortably fit and play in the living room of a common home. There are hosts who prefer a full band, but the vast majority of house concert hosts look for smaller acts. House concerts are a great way for the songwriters in a band to get extra work in a nice setting. CIYH gives you an opportunity to pursue this market without creating a whole new website for your act.

Q: My music falls outside of the genre(s) you describe - can I still join?

A: Yes you can. One great strategy is to use CIYH to educate your fan-base and inspire them to host concerts. That would be more productive than pursuing opportunities that don't fit your genre.

Q: How can I find out how many existing house concerts are in my area, or hosting acts of my genre?

A: You can see the number of hosts (anywhere) by searching here. You won't be able to search by genre until you become a member.

Q: How do I know if the site is really being promoted?

A: You'll get a newsletter each month describing our progress. For two years, CIYH has been signing up 10-20 new hosts per month. See our previous newsletters.

Q: What do I do when someone calls/emails?

A: Be friendly and professional! Keep in mind that hosts may have very little experience booking acts, and might need you to walk them through the process.

Q: How much should I charge or collect as deposit?

A: Hosts may or may not be comfortable with paying up-front deposits, but everything is negotiable. Keep in mind that house concerts are usually paid from DONATIONS, collected from the guests. The suggested donation usually ranges from $8 to $20 per person.

Q: Should I use a contract?

A: Most house concerts happen without them, and some hosts are uncomfortable with signing anything. However, we have a simple agreement that many find useful. Adapt it to your needs, and use it as a tool to confirm details.

Q: What should I put on my rider? (contracts are rarely used - but hosts are usually accommodating)

A: Ask for whatever is absolutely necessary for you to do a show, that you are not able to provide. We really suggest keeping it simple. (example: two stools/chairs with no arms, a table for merchandise) -

Q: Why should I pay to join when I can put house concert info on my own website?

A: By all means - put information on your own website if you like - we have free banners and video links you can use. However, that will only reach your current fans. Joining CIYH will expose you to new people who are reading about CIYH all over the country - people who want to book artists to play in their homes. Furthermore, it allows you access to a growing database of hosts that you can contact directly. Linking to our site also helps make a great presentation to your fans who have no idea what a house concert might be like.

Q: What if I don't get any gigs after listing with CIYH?

A: Well how many gigs will you get if you don't list with CIYH? Your downside risk is small, and will give you exposure to the growing house concert market for an entire year. That is one whole year to book a single show, which should easily quadruple the return on your investment. What if you book several shows?

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