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Ringo's House Concerts

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
Start time: 7:00pm

C. Daniel Boling, Miche Fambro, Fran Snyder
Ringo's House Concerts
Odessa, 33556
Please RSVP to: [email protected]

About The Show:
Suggested Donation: 10-15

The first House Concert at the Snyder's! Our son Fran will be performing with these two great artists (Miche and Daniel) for a wonderful night of acoustic guitar music. (Think James Taylor type music)

We'll have beer, wine, and a few party trays. No need to bring anything, except for the donation for the musicians, and maybe a little extra to buy a CD. (All the money goes to Miche and Daniel, who are traveling from New Mexico and New York.)

Please arrive between 6:30 and 7pm. Show will start promptly at 7:15 and last just over an hour.

C. Daniel Boling:

1st Place Songwriter Winner, Woody Guthrie Folk Festival 2007~

Daniel Boling is a folksinger/songwriter with a storyteller's eye for detail. He fills his songs with interesting characters drawn from his life, family & friends: a vagabond running off with a tiny circus to tour the West; an aging Viet Nam veteran looking back with surprise at his departed youth; "Darwin Award" candidates finding creative ways to remove themselves from the human gene pool; a young rancher inheriting his ...

About Our Series:
This series is hosted by singer-songwriter Fran Snyder, who is also the founder of ConcertsInYourHome.com

Events take place in downtown St. Petersburg and RSVP is required for address and directions to this exclusive concert. (Only 18 people can attend)

Video: You're invited to (What is) a House Concert!