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Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Start time: 7:00pm

Michael Reno Harrell
Ft. Myers, 33917
Please RSVP to: [email protected]

About The Show:
Suggested Donation: 15

Mingle at 6:30, Music at 7:30 Bring a munchie to share if you like, but not required. BYOB or share what I got! I'm so happy Michael is back at my house~

Michael Reno Harrell:
Michael Reno Harrell is an award winning songwriter, as well as a veteran storyteller and entertainer, and he's from the South, the Southern Appalachian Mountains to hone it a bit finer. One could compare Michael's performances to his granddaddy's pocket knife, well warn and familiar feeling, but razor sharp and with a point.

His brand of entertainment appeals to a very diverse audience. Michael's recordings top the Americana Music Association charts year after year. The songs he writes a...


About Our Series:
Dedicated to music for me and you by supporting independent, "hand crafted" music. “Behind the storms of daily conflict, crisis and struggle, it is the artist, and the poet and the musician that continues the quiet work of the centuries, building bridges of experience between peoples, reminding us of the universality of our feelings, desires, and despairs, and reminding us that the forces that unite are deeper than those that divide.” (John F. Kennedy) Music4MeAndU House concerts pull together a diverse group of people with a common interest in music and we have a blast! Join us for a wonderful evening of handcrafted music....

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