"House Concerts - living rooms were made for live music."
Turn Your House Concert Video...
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Top 10 Finalists Announced!
(Random order) Doug Adamz, Barnaby Bright, Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, Karyn Oliver, Jill Jack, Suzie Vinnick, Bill & Kate Isles, Big Wide Grin, Merrily James, Jennings & Keller.
Top 3 winners will be announced 11/27.

Contest Dates:
10/16 video submissions end
10/24 top ten contestants announced, and must submit 2 additional songs
11/1 deadline for top ten artists to submit additional songs
11/27 top three winners announced
1/31 tour destinations announced, prizes awarded to winners.
May 2011 tours happen


D'Addario & Planet Waves, Q-Lighting, and ListeningRoomNetwork.com

with some great prizes!

We're having our second annual "House Concert Video" contest. It's a great way to inspire artists to create videos that will help them get booked, and to get our active hosts to enjoy the great artists in our community. It's win/win before we even pick the winners. In fact, several judge/hosts wound up booking contestants last year, and that wasn't even part of the prize!

Tours* and Prizes
  • Grand Prize:
    Ten-day regional house concert tour
    $500 in merchandise from D'Addario & Planet Waves
    PLS Lighting System from Q-Lighting ($350 value)
    $100 **cash.

  • Second place:
    Five-day tour
    $250 in merchandise from D'Addario & Planet Waves
    Maestro from Q-Lighting ($40 value)
    $100 **cash.

  • Third place:
    Five-day tour
    $250 in merchandise from D'Addario & Planet Waves
    Maestro from Q-Lighting ($40 value)
    $100 **cash.

Videos will be judged by active CIYH hosts.
Important! Final Judging Round: The top 10 finalists will need to submit two additional songs by November 1, 2010. Songs can be video or mp3, and live performances will be preferred. (We're booking live music tours, after all.) The two additional songs will make up 50% of each artist's final score.

Judges who also participate in the tour (hosting one of the winners) will also have the chance to win the PLS light system.

Entry fee:

$10 CIYH artist members, $25 for former or non-members. Price is per video submission. Maximum 3 submissions per artist.


Artists should submit a video that is a good representation of what they would sound like at a house concert. Actual house concert footage may be used, or a simple setup with a few (optional) clapping fans in a living room setting. The format is open, but the object is to make the viewer want to experience a house concert, with you as the performer. See the top 10 videos from last year.

Winners must be able to tour as they appear in the video. Please don't submit full band videos - most house concerts cannot accommodate more than 3 members; no drum sets either.

Video judges will be considering performance/song quality and "house concert feel." Videos can be single camera, and don't need to be high-tech, but we recommend basic qualities like being able to see and hear the artist(s) clearly. Judges have shown a clear preference for original music in the past.

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