Help Award a House Concert Tour
Judge 10 Artists - 3 Songs Each

This is NO LONGER about who has the best house concert video. We want you to tell us, based on the music and videos on this page, how compelling and deserving these acts are to win a house concert tour. We'd also like to know your personal three favorites, but that is a separate question, OK? Enjoy!

Contest Dates:
Nov. 7-17 judging for final round
11/27 top three winners announced
1/31 tour destinations announced, prizes awarded to winners.
May 2011 tours happen


D'Addario & Planet Waves, Q-Lighting, and

Artist/Group Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
Barnaby Bright Gravity Don't Look Down Alive
Big Wide Grin I Wanna Come Home 7 Songs in 5 Minutes Ready to Fly
Bill & Kate Isles Old Fences Hobos in the Roundhouse The Sutra(comma) Minnesota Polka
Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen If You Say Yes Shores of Africa Tide and the River Rising
Doug Adamz "... Pancho Villa" Uncle Johnny's Glass Eye Raven Serenade
Jennings and Keller Smart Blonde Mountain If I Had a Daughter (audio)
Jill Jack Rosie Live Like There's No Tomorrow Too Far Gone (audio)
Karyn Oliver October Day Slip Away with Me Right Now
Merrily James Song for Sanna Earthquake (audio) Street with No Name (audio)
Suzie Vinnick Crazy 'Bout Lovin' You Little One Lay My Burden Down (audio)

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