Recommendations for Rod MacDonald

September, 2016 - "Rod MacDonald is a true professional in every way. Great songs, great technical skills, great performance, great rapport with the audience AND he's a pleasure to work with. Our audience loved the show and purchased more CDs than average. We'd have him back any time and can't recommend him highly enough."
(R. Paris)

November 2011 - Originally a product of the Greenwich Village folk scene, Rod MacDonald is one of South Florida’s most beloved troubadours. A folk singer at heart, he is a prolific songwriter with an astoundingly varied repertoire. He moves easily between traditional folk, Celtic, jazz, rock, blues, Bob Dylan covers, and Brill Building era pop songs, but is best known for his deeply thought out original songs… all delivered with fine vocals and instrumentation. Rod is knowledgeable about music history, socially aware, and passionate about the stories his songs tell. He is the kind of performer who draws community together. Although I have heard him sing multiple times, he is one of the few performers whose songs I will never tire of.
(A. Boumel)

August 2011 - Rod is a patient, persistent prophet. He has been making many gentle changes in hearts and minds for over three decades, and having him for a house concert may change your life, too. His crystal-clear voice carries a message born of an uncommonly clear vision. The man crafts his songs extremely well. Rod’s high, sweet tenor vocals ride on a rock-solid guitar, and paint vivid pictures. Though basically a folk singer, Rod floats easily through rock, blues, jazz and downright odd. He transitions from song to song with an ease born of decades of hard work. Most important of all, he really has something important to say. I cannot recommend him highly enough. To hear Rod live and up-close, to spend time with him, is a treasure that will last long after the applause is done.
(W. Slater-Lunsford)

2008 - Highly recommended.
(J. Shulgold)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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