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April, 2017 - "From minute one it was a pleasure to deal with Reid and his manager/wife Carolyn. Communication was effective and friendly and any questions were quickly answered. Reid and Carolyn were among the most gracious and grateful dinner guests I've ever welcomed. But the show they put on was the star of the evening. Soulful, funny, and engaging, the musicianship was second to none. The show expertly built to a pitch that left everyone blown away. Highly, highly, highly recommended."
(R. McCormick)

May, 2016 - "Reid and wife Carolyn sure know how to dazzle a crowd! Just an exceptional performance! They brought to life an amazing tribute to Leonard of our Greats - and charged on with their own style. Along with playing an array of originals and a few covers, their harmonies were executed with a blend of soul soothing perfection. Reid is also an amazingly gifted guitarist. Still haven't figured out where he keeps his trumpet though - another fine skill. Awesome!"
(M. Legroulx)

November, 2015 - "One of our best performers. Our seventh year of hosting the Jamieson's. Reid has one of the best voices in the business and Carolyn is adding superb harmonies and even stepping out on her own a bit. I truly love this couple. You will too."
(N. Pepperdine)

June, 2015 - "Reid and Carolyn did a terrific show. They connected with and entertained the audience with their stories. Their harmonies were lovely and the variety of their music and songs kept the show moving in an engaging way. In addition, they were excellent house guests and we spent a lovely morning after the show chatting and watching the orcas swim by in the bay!"
(M. Kaufman)

July, 2014 - "Reid and Carolyn are quite a package. The audience loved them, their music is wonderful and they are fantastic guests. I woke up with Reid's music on my mind and it's still with me a day later."
(J. Libstaff)

April, 2014 - "Reid and Carolyn were a delight. Reid's guitar and vocals are outstanding and Carolyn's added harmony made the evening truly special. A special treat was an unexpected original on Ukelele. We particularly enjoyed the set list for the evening, which included many beautiful original compositions as well as a wide range of covers from the likes of the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and Elvis."
(S. Belmont)

February, 2014 - "The hits just keep on happenin'. Reid's voice is impeccable and someone should be paying him lots of money to play his music. The depth of their songs (his uber-talented wife co-writes)reaches into the most elusive corners or your soul. I absolutely feel they are two of Canada's best songwriters. PLUS, and a big plus it is, they are the funniest and among the nicest guests we have had in our house and on our stage."
(N. Pepperdine)

April, 2013 - "Reid's third concert at Olalla House filled the house, both with his great voice and our audience. He and his wife Carolyn write songs that make you laugh and cry at the same time, then want to go out and change the world. It's easy to get caught up in his voice and stories that you forget just how good he is on his guitar and ukulele. So easy to love these people."
(N. Pepperdine)

October, 2012 - "Concerts on the lake co-hosted Reid at a friends house in Seattle. Reid was joined by wife Carolyn Victoria Mill and they treated us to an unforgettable evening of song, comedy and conversation. The Vancouver, BC pair are totally approachable and great fun to be around and interact with. Reidís website is amazing Ė check it out!"
(J. Borger)

February, 2012 - "I was expecting a good concert, I didn't expect to fall in love. Reid may have the best voice of any of our performers. He and his wife Carolyn however have an interaction that can only be experienced at a house concert. I loved them, the audience loved them."
(N. Pepperdine)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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