Recommendations for John Batdorf

May, 2017 - "What a delightful show and a delightful artist! Johnís warmth and artistry not only comes through in his music but in the genuine way in which he interacts with his audience. Toes were tapping, heads were bobbing, and laughter was present all night long. This was an unforgettable show put on by a truly gentle soul as his unplugged voice and instrument rang through my home!"
(L. Veremakis)

March, 2017 - "John Batdorf is a warm wonderful guy you wished lived next door.His songs come straight from the heart and he sings them so well it gives you goose bumps, and some tears. He plays the guitar like he started at 4yrs old. (he did) His songs about recovery probably reached every body in the room. Few of us have not been affected by addition. John is a wonderful house guest and we were thrilled to have him for an extra day! John has much to offer, book him!"
(J. Borger)

October, 2016 - "It was wonderful to host John again. He's added to his repertoire with a new album release since his last visit and continues to surprise and amaze with the breadth of his songwriting and performance covering Batdorf & Rodney classics all the way to Beep Beep. He is a consummate craftsman both in performance and in writing and he strives for and achieves excellence at both. In the two shows we saw here in Texas, he managed to find common ground with diverse audiences. A great houseguest too!"
(L. Allen)

April, 2016 - "John was our first House Concert performer in 2014 and this 2016 show was an even better experience for our crowd. John's amazing song writing coupled with his tenor voice and guitar playing prowess wowed us all! All his songs had stories that made them that much more enjoyable. I don't know that I've ever experienced so many alternate tunings before, and he literally moved around the fret board like a machine. John is one of a kind and we highly recommend him! You won't be disappointed!"
(E. Frischmuth)

March, 2016 - "Great show! Meaningful songs, terrific guitarist, personable and fun, audience thoroughly engaged and loving it. We'll just have to do this again. Thanks, John!"
(J. Braymen)

January, 2016 - "Wonderful, marvelous. John Batdorf in the consummate professional. John kept the audience attention rapt and the feet a jumpin. Great guy with a long musical history and a huge talent."
(N. Pepperdine)

November, 2015 - "Absolutely amazing. Never miss an opportunity to see these guys play!!"
(S. Rogers)

October, 2014 - "John is an amazing musician who entertained us by playing great guitar and singing meaningful lyrics. His ability to touch the audience is unsurpassed and he had all of us mesmerized from the first notes of his first song. Our communication during the booking process and pre-show were excellent and his quiet ability to befriend everyone during the visiting time before, during and after the concert made everyone feel like they had known him most of their lives. We will be hosting him again soon!"
(M. Stauffer)

October, 2014 - "What a special night! This was our first show unplugged and John was fantastic! He was charming as a guest, his songs were thought-provoking and kind, and his performance was outstanding. We highly recommend him as both a performer and a guest. John has an outstanding voice along with flawless guitar playing. The range of his songwriting came as an unexpected surprise for us who had not followed his productive career.That made these wonderfully crafted songs both brand new and familiar."
(L. Allen)

September, 2014 - "WOW! John was a tremendous hit for our first house concert! His demeanor coupled with his musical talent impressed everyone. His songwriting is second to none and the stories that go with them lends a personal touch. He was the perfect kick off for our home concert series and provided all kinds of great advice leading up to the show. We could not have asked for a better partner in all aspects of the preparations and the actual performance! Thank you, John, for a wonderful evening! Book this guy!"
(E. Frischmuth)

June, 2013 - "John Batdorf is always a fantastic addition to our series. A great person, and a true entertainer. Terry Holder co-billed with John for this show and she is great as well. The two of them together are wonderful. Their talents fill the house and keep people coming back."
(J. Libstaff)

January, 2013 - "John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley are incredible! They are both talented musical artists with a strong presence. Enjoyed their original lyrics as well as their adaptation of the Rolling Stones music. They are pleasant, friendly, and a joy to work with."
(P. Johnson)

May, 2012 - "This was our second booking with John and word of mouth increased attendance. John is an incredible songwriter and performed a mixture of his older and new songs. He even added a couple from the 70ís for his Batdorf & Rodney fans. He was a big hit. (Previous show with John in summer 2009.)"
(B. Hofbauer)

April, 2012 - "When we started doing House Concerts John Batdorf was at the top of our wish list. John didn't let us down. He sang songs from his new CD and also performed songs from his early career. His guitar playing is masterful and his voice is one of a kind. John performs with energy, technique and joy. John has a nice fan following so if you promote his show you will be sure to get a fan following."
(K. Forste)

April, 2012 - "John had success in the early '70s as half of Batdorf & Rodney. Those albums take me back in time; hearing him now I can't help but wonder how he managed to get even better AND not get more famous. It was a joy to host him; we WILL do it again."
(B. Jones)

March, 2012 - "I don't have the words - what an incredible show! How does a non writer review a man of John's ability? John was staying with the Holders so he brought them along. What a wonderful surprise for our 25 guests. This was a whole new dimension for our typical DNS. We did it potluck at the urging of the neighbors and it went flawlessly. Don't hesitate to book John or Terry. You will have a great show!"
(J. Borger)

February, 2012 - "What an absolutely fantastic evening!! Everybody had a wonderful time, standing ovation, and kept wanting more!! Thank you, we want you back again!!"
(D. Mason Adams)

March 2011 - The show was excellent. John was a lot of fun and great music. We had a full house 40. 2 great sets. I would score this show as a 10 out of 10!
(P. Deis)

October 2010 - John Batdorf is a unique man made of midwestern values, genuine humanistic principle and refined musical talent. John's shows will never let you or your guests down. He gives it his all every time. He will leave you in awe. He is funny. John is an experienced professional. You will wish you'd taken your parents seriously when it mattered and paid more attention in music class. His history and story is that which is uniquely American during the turbulent time of late 60's and 70's. My endorsement does not do him justice as he is so much better. John writes beautiful music, plays guitar as if two were playing and sings like tonight were his last time ever. I've seen John live three times, and have hosted him twice. He will be back in January 2011 with James Lee Stanley. From there I will have him back again. Book John with confidence.
(D. Chambers)

Summer 2010 - The California sound from a very accomplished artist, great guitar riffs and great lyrical hooks. John is very friendly. I will have John return soon. Very, cool nice guy, truly outstanding.
(G. Gabel)

February 2010 - The music of John Batdorf has always been a part of our lives. From the songs of the 70s with Batdorf & Rodney to his solo career in songwriting, his songs have always been special and always there. As a house concert presenter, I expected yet another great show, but I wasn't prepared for the polished soul-touching concert we had, and for days after I was somewhat awed and overwhelmed as I recalled it, and I thought maybe it was just me. As I spoke with more and more friends who had been there, I realized that it was universal. We had all been completely blown away! I must warn you though, it is dangerous to see John play. One wants to forsake career and home life to become a John Batdorf groupie. I can't wait to see him again... For you who are thinking of having John play, think no more. He's a true pro not only musically, but at making everything run smoothly. John is so approachable, so talented, so warm and friendly...It's like like having your best friend visit...He really is one of the great ones.
(B. Gangloff)

2008, 2009 - We have featured John Batdorf twice at our concert series. John's enthusiastic performances and interaction with the audience is exactly what house concerts are about. John has many fans that have travelled to to our venue for his shows. Some have even brought original albums for autographs. We are proud supporters of his latest release: "Old Man Dreamin".
(R. Stewart)

Spring 2009 - John Batdorf has become one of our very favorite artists. His guitar work is top notch and his performances are warm and endearing. He has a great mix of songs from his years with Batdorf & Rodney (in the '70s) as well as his wonderful more recent material. We can't recommend him highly enough. He's a ten on a scale of ten.
(Russ and Julie)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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