Recommendations for C. Daniel Boling

November, 2017 - "As usual, Dan'l put on a heck of a show. He is a true Folk Troubadour. Audience loved it and want him back."
(K. Perrin)

September, 2017 - "Daniel and his wife are charming and talented. Everyone enjoyed their humor, stories, and wonderful music. They are very professional and easy to listen to. The audience loved them. The sound quality was superb. Wonderful instruments. Even a banjo/guitar combination."
(H. Lipson)

February, 2017 - "Daniel Boling is a throwback to a kinder, gentler age of folk music (no millennial angst here folks). A strong storyteller, he is charmingly self-effacing and completely sincere. He performs original songs that are classically constructed and evocative of artists he obviously admires, like Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton, Gordon Lightfoot circa 1966 and yes, Peter, Paul and Mary. His songs are thoughtful, reflective, inclusive and hopeful. All of this is anchored with great playing and a soaring tenor."
(C. Bernhardt)

January, 2017 - "I love Daniel and Ellen. They are so lovely and great to spend time with. Daniel's show is highly entertaining and professional. He is just awesome to work with!"
(J. Hajj)

November, 2016 - "Daniel has a wide range of songs from lighthearted to heart-wrenching and balances them well throughout the show. His stories tie the songs together fluidly. The instrumentation is flawless! He takes his gigs seriously and is well prepared and sincere in his desire to please his audience. As our very first event for the AtWater Music series we could not have had a better artist. He and his wife are considerate and appreciative. If you haven't hosted Daniel, you should put him on your calendar!"
(A. Hill)

November, 2016 - "Our audience spanned 85 years from youngest to oldest and Daniel satisfied every musical taste. One even confessed to a mild dislike for folk music until Daniel opened eyes (and ears) with his provocative stories. Almost everyone left promising to return for Daniel's next visit in Fall of 2017."
(C. Singer)

August, 2016 - "Fantastic show! Daniel is the consummate performer. Great selection of songs, mostly from his most recent album, but a good selection of older material. His stories and narratives enhanced the songs themselves. Daniel kept the communications open with us, letting us know when he was arriving and what he would need. We had a room ready for him but he preferred his van (I understand completely). He was a thoughtful, considerate guest and helped us with ideas and pointers to improve our experience."
(J. Sumrall)

August, 2016 - "Our friends & neighbors were again treated to an awesome performance by one of the most talented artists we have had the pleasure of presenting. Daniel Boling was the first artist to perform at the reopening of Coyote Music in Aug 2015 at in our new location. He filled the house then and he filled it again on July 25th. Applause never waned and the show ended with an encore and guests who weren't ready to leave. Daniel and his wife Ellen are totally accessible and great folks to hang with."
(J. Borger)

June, 2016 - "Daniel is an excellent performer! We talked for days about how much we enjoyed his show. He & his wife have a wonderful way of observing life & how they relate & interact with people is very heartwarming. We also enjoyed the song choices - Daniel seemed to play certain songs from what he learned about us - very classy! And kudos to putting the words to your songs in with your cd's like the old album times - really like that! We would certainly enjoy seeing & hearing Daniel play again!"
(C. Harvey)

May, 2016 - "Marvelously talented AND a consummate professional! Daniel does everything right! Our audience loved him and having him and his wife, Ellen, in our home was a true welcoming a favorite brother. He always responded to our emails and text messages almost instantly...and he actually addressed the questions we asked! And on top of all that, he totally charmed my sometimes crotchety 85 y.o. father."
(J. Angel)

May, 2016 - "Daniel was everything we expected and more! You know you have a winner when other artists recommend them! Our audience loved his easy going style, guitar playing, song writing ability and stories. Dan and his wife were great house guests, arriving in plenty of time. They were just plain great company! We will definitely have them back."
(T. Chara)

April, 2016 - "His own voice, warm with echoes of “Leadbelly, Woody, and Pete”, Daniel draws you in, immediately. Whether he is singing his own tales recalling “Mama’s Words”, describing the finds in “Dad’s Garage”, reminding us we are “As Young as Your Kiss”, or encouraging us to sing old favorites from other artists, we relate! Daniel now has a place in all our hearts, and we can’t wait until his return to House Concerts with the Shoafs to share his magic once again."
(D. Shoaf)

April, 2016 - "Windhorse Waters welcomes Daniel back for a return performance after three years and once again, what a wonderful show! Daniel tells a story with every song, gets the audience to sing along with about every third song and tells jokes or stories in between. Two 45 minute sets go by so fast! Since we have had an ongoing communication for the past few years, I never worry about Daniel getting in touch or that things won't be done as he says they would be. Very highly recommended! A++++"
(D. Small)

February, 2016 - "Daniel is a highly entertaining performer, our audience loved the show! He's a masterful storyteller and songwriter, a skilled player and singer. All the communication was clear and concise, you won't go wrong by booking Daniel Boling!"
(P. Pfaffenberger)

August, 2015 - "We have done 27 house concerts but last night was the first in our new location. Thanks to C. Daniel Boling's popularity we had a wonderful turnout. Daniel is a master on the guitar and bangitar and his songwriting and storytelling are inspiring. Daniel effortlessly mixed with our guests and personally welcomed them all. Thanks Dan'l for getting Coyote Music off to a great start in the new neighborhood, Santa Fe loves you!"
(J. Borger)

August, 2015 - "Daniel was a joy to have as a guest and is a true master of his craft. He is a talented musician and a great story teller both when he spoke and especially when he told his stories through music. He kept everyone completely engaged and involved during the concert and he truly enjoyed meeting with and talking to our friends and neighbors. We would welcome him back as a house guest any time, and we look forward to having him do another concert at The Porch in Pine again in the future."
(T. Burba)

August, 2015 - "As usual Daniel put on a wonderful performance to a packed Art Gallery. His music/stories are both poignant and humorous. His sincerity comes through with each song. Everyone wants him to come back for next year. A real pleasure to work with and I love his music. I was even able to book him at a local singer/songwriter showcase the next day which brought more people into his fold. Thanks Daniel for another great musical performance."
(K. Perrin)

April, 2015 - "Daniel totally captivated our audience with his wonderful voice, original songs and stories. It is obvious how he won Kerrville New Folk. Anyone who has a chance to book Daniel should!"
(H. Weiner)

March, 2015 - "Daniel's performance was extremely entertaining!! Everybody just loved the time they spent with Daniel and his wife Ellen. They both are very friendly and open people and pleasant guests. Daniel has a good sense of humour and a lot to tell. He caught us all from the beginning till the end."
(A. Paluch)

February, 2015 - "Daniel Boling was extremely engaging and was a great first artist for our house concerts, since he has hosted so many in the past. He gave us some great advice and encouragement, along with the great music. Thanks so much!"
(M. Carlson)

February, 2015 - "Book this man and you will NOT be disappointed. Finely honed lyrics set to intriguing music hold the audience in rapt attention. He has honed his craft beyond technical accuracy to evocative and intriguing. As a musician, I was continually delighted by the modulations. This man has a great ear!! Others must have felt the same thing: Standing Ovation at house concerts are rare, but he got one. I'll definitely have him back."
(D. Ramsey)

June, 2014 - "Daniel is a great person, good songwriter and a sound technician. He really puts everything into making the performance the best it can possibly be. He was an outstanding house guest and we enjoyed hearing his many stories."
(J. Mahorney)

May, 2014 - "What a song writer - we were laughing - we were 'awww-ing' - we were nodding our heads in agreement! Daniel established good rapport with this crowd of about 27, put everyone at ease, and was incredibly organized. Maybe having his fun-at-the-drop-of-a-hat wife, Ellen, with him helps. Everyone enjoyed. Thanks, Daniel, come back to southern New Mexico!"
(S. Duenker)

March, 2014 - "I could not have asked for a better artist to kick off my HC series and my first show ever. Daniel put on a great show and is a super guy. Top notch songwriting and performance. I think we hooked some first-time house concert goers last night as well. Daniel, thanks so much for letting us have you in our home!"
(M. Hough)

November, 2013 - "Wow, another great evening with Daniel Boling. This was his second time in our home and we'll be happy to do it yet again. Daniel's songs will touch all your emotions and leave you wanting more. Daniel and Ellen are excellent house guests, friendly and outgoing. We consider them friends"
(D. Brake)

August, 2013 - "Daniel Boling put on a wonderful show, full of humor, great guitar prowess and entertaining stories. A sold out crowd swarmed him after the show urging him to come back to Southport next year. Daniel, just let me know when. Thanks for coming east."
(K. Perrin)

July, 2013 - "Dan is a consummate professional with the skills to entertain and interact with the audience. Everyone had fun, probably all sang or whistled along to a number of his songs. He and his wife Ellen took a personal interest in our guests, remembering names and things about them. They arrived a day early which I found to be very helpful as well as fun. We had a day to ourselves to learn more about CIYH and become friends before the show. We would highly recommend this artist anytime!"
(D. Small)

January, 2013 - "We loved Daniel! Comments included.."What a voice, and such range." The stories were captivating, the songs are real. Daniel is an excellent guitar player and all-around great musician. We'll have him back! Daniel and Ellen are wonderful houseguests, easy to care for and always pleasant. If you have a cute dog though, watch out, they may try to steal it...(grin)"
(D. Brake)

January, 2013 - "C. Daniel Boling was a terrific entertainer. The audience really enjoyed his songs, both lyrically and through his presentation. I would recommend this act to anyone having a house concert. Very nice people, too!"
(T. Clark)

April, 2012 - "There have not been many performers we have had back for a second performance, but C. Daniel is one of them. A great songwriter, musician, and storyteller, C. Daniel needs to be on your short list for any future concerts."
(A. Crow)

April, 2012 - "Daniel is a master at weaving life stories into song! What a great evening we had; everyone is still commenting on how much they loved meeting him and listening to his music. We really liked his banjo/guitar; what a unique instrument! Thank you, Daniel! We look forward to our next show with you."
(M. Stauffer)

March, 2012 - "I already knew Daniel's singing and guitar playing were top notch, and was pleased to see that my house concert crowd very much agreed with me. Daniel was very well received. He engaged the group with great eye contact and between song stories. Daniel and Ellen were in touch with me often before the event so there were no problems and were perfectly wonderful house guests!"
(A. Schaefer)

December, 2011 - "Daniel hit the mark for our audience. He was engaging and thoughtful. His pace for the show was perfect, his performance was great. All communication leading up to the show was professional and timely. A recommended artist for house concerts."
(T. Hitt)

August 2010
Daniel Boling's concert was a fantastic experience for us! His songs are beautiful and moving. It was also a pleasure to meet such a genuinely good human being. He has a great voice and musical skills, and has so much to share because of his life experience. I would recommend him to others! Thanks to CIYH - this is the first artist I have booked who came to me from your network - I am really impressed!
(J. Iverson)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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