Recommendations for Bruce Mandel

December, 2017 - "It was a beautiful night to play outside on the deck. Bruce engaged the audience in delightful ballads as the sunset on the Sandia Mountains. Humorous and entertaining."
(K. Ziegler)

September, 2017 - "Bruce is the quintessential house concert performer! He brought 110% to the show, engaging the audience not only with his music, but with his conversation, before, during and after. His heartfelt lyrics resonated deeply with our audience. Bruce's guitar and voice filled our home magnificently without the use of any sound equipment. On top of all that, he was a super house guest! Looking forward to the day we are able to host him again."
(C. Mccauley)

August, 2017 - "Bruce was a wonderful performer for our outdoor/prairie view concert. His songs are deeply personal and elicited many emotions (and questions!) from the audience. It was a pleasure getting to know Bruce and I hope to host him again someday."
(M. Mose)

June, 2017 - "Bruce was very friendly and professional. He did a great job at the show and played a very nice double set. His songs are very well written. Thanks Bruce!"
(M. Hough)

August, 2016 - "Bruce's guitar playing was beyond reproach. What a great evening of songs, stories and a wonderful musician to host."
(M. Carlson)

May, 2016 - "We were delighted by Bruce. His voice, his charm, his ability to sing his stories with perfect diction was enchanting. All my guest asked to have him back again. He was a wonderful house guest, one I will be telling everyone I know about. Thank you Bruce, for such a terrific memory."
(B. Amidon)

July, 2015 - "Bruce is a true professional and our audience loved him! His songwriting is amazing and I would encourage anyone to host this guy! It was a rainy evening in Arizona and Bruce gave us a fabulous experience."
(B. Brogan)

June, 2015 - "Bruce was such a great artist and really fit in with my audience. I appreciated his performance as well as his connection with my guests."
(A. Georgopoulos)

June, 2015 - "Bruce Mandel was warm, funny and technically proficient. I would have him back in a skinny minute. Great story teller with delightful audience communication."
(S. Duenker)

May, 2015 - "Bruce was wonderful and very well received by our audience. Great songwriter, wonderful lyricist, excellent guitar player with so many great songs. Bruce has it all. If you get the chance, book him."
(T. Chara)

June, 2014 - "Bruce has been the consummate professional throughout having to change dates, to keeping in touch and confirming before the show, to putting on a fine show and having a great reception from the Noble House Inn audience: BRAVO!"
(C. Hooper)

May, 2014 - "Bruce was great. His heart-felt music resonated - lyrically, musically and poetically. We had a smaller turn-out, but Bruce has the confident stage presence as if he were in front of any audience anywhere. Bruce was very organized with every aspect of his tour, and was a great person to hang with. He actually stayed at our place two nights, and am pleased to add him to my list of musician-friends."
(D. Bartlett)

September, 2013 - "We thoroughly enjoyed Bruce Mandel both as a person and as a performer. He was warm and friendly to his small audience and won our hearts with his dead-on characterization of my sister's sense of humor as "reptilian." When he spoke of sitting on a mountain top watching a meteor shower and making wishes, we urged him to write a song about it. Bruce was a great house guest, extroverted and sociable, and we highly recommend him."
(A. Henderson)

March, 2013 - "From the moment he arrived, Bruce Mandel was warm and personable, and clearly a true professional. It was great to get to know him as a person and a performer. His songs are beautifully written about everyday life, and he shares deeply and authentically from his heart. He really connects with an audience and loves what he does, and was a considerate, organized household and concert guest. We have heard nothing but enthusiastically positive comments from those who attended, and want him back!"
(A. Miller)

June, 2012 - "Bruce is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met, his lyrics & music echo his lovely spirit & life experiences, each song a story. My audience enjoyed his personality, treated them as individuals & as a group. He was awesome to communicate with and was a great help initiating my series - he was my first CIYH. There is not one negative thing I can say. Bruce is great - highly recommend!"
(C. Sweet)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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