Recommendations for Annie and Rod Capps

January, 2017 - "This was the most fun we've had at our house. We booked Annie, Rod and Jason to play for a campout of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, many in their 20s, who danced, applauded and begged for more songs. The band happily obliged, and we had a blast. The songwriting is deep and touching, and both the performance and their personalities blew us all away with love and joy."
(C. Lea)

June, 2013 - "We love Annie & Rod Capps. And when they bring along Jason Dennie, well, his is just fantastic. Annie, Rod and Jason were our first concert 4 years ago and we invited them back to celebrate the start of our 5th year. In our room we like an audience of 35 to generate energy. Our audience was a bit smaller but Annie, Rod & Jason put on a memorable concert. The best we've seen them do and we've seen them perform many times. They will be invited back."
(B. Hofbauer)

March, 2013 - "Annie and Rod have performed for us before, and this time they brought 3 other couples and played songs focused on Valentines day. It was GREAT! They sometimes played all together, but mostly did a round among the couples. Each duo was very talented with great original songs. We all had dinner together before hand, and it was a wonderful evening with these 8 friendly, easy to get along with people. Everything went smoothly. Nobody stayed, but any of them would be fine guests."
(D. Smith)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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