Recommendations for Annalise Emerick

February, 2018 - "Annalise gave a wonderful performance. Her songs are lyrical and give you an opportunity to reflect. She interacted beautifully with the audience and was a delight to have."
(M. Fromherz)

January, 2018 - "We all loved Annalise. Her voice and music were beautiful. Annalise entertained us all, even the children. As a house guest she was clean, friendly and warm. Hope she passes this way again!"
(H. Williams)

September, 2017 - "Annalise has a very warm, engaging stage presence, and a pure, confident voice that gave me goosebumps. Her original material is thoughtful, literate, and well-crafted. I'd love to see her perform with a full band sometime!"
(S. Chiasson)

September, 2017 - "Annalise is a terrific talent. She is writes great songs, sings with perfect pitch and has personality to boot. A triple threat for sure. As house concerts go, you can't go wrong by selecting Annalise. She is also a great house guest, which for us Hosts, is so important."
(J. Jaeger)

March, 2017 - "Annalise totally charmed the crowd. She had long term fans in the audience, but my group also has diverse tastes and most artists aren't for everybody. However, Annalise had every single person there entranced. It was a great show with a talented and warm performer who truly appealed to everyone."
(J. Nettles)

October, 2016 - "Incredible talent, great musician, engages the audience! Definitely a gem in the house concert world!"
(J. O'Kelly)

August, 2016 - "Annalise's music was some of the best we heard in our 2016 season. Her voice was a beautiful vehicle for the words in her songs. My wife got to show her some of our town, and we were so happy to host her in our home."
(M. Carlson)

July, 2016 - "Wonderful to have Annalise back again. She is a fine songwriter and singer who just gets better and better. We previously hosted her with Jesse Terry and were happy to have her back on her own. Her songs Boston and Patti Smith stick in my head. She connected well with a diverse audience and is a pleasure to have as a guest - very thoughtful - even sent a thank you note!"
(L. Allen)

April, 2016 - "Listening to an Annalise Emerick show refreshes the mind and soul. Her voice is a most lovely, easy to listen-to, gentle sound that readily delivers the audience members from individual mindsets to one singular group fully engaged in the music surrounding them. The stories she weaves through her songs are the real gem transporting the listener to the sidelines of her life, or back in time in one’s own."
(P. Vaccaro Jr)

March, 2016 - "For our show Annalise Emerick joined forces with singer/songwriter Devon Graves and french guitar player Oliver. What a wonderful concert! Both ladies create superb songs and are gifted performers. Devon started, Annalise supported her with background vocals. After an intermission Annalise solo and Devon did the backing. Highlight: An a-capella version of "The hanging tree" by Annalise, Devon and Oliver. Every host should consider a night with Annalise and /or Devon - you won´t regret!"
(R. Voltmer)

January, 2016 - "What a fantastic performer! Her lyrics universal and her voice magical! Many thanks to Annalise for her professionalism, lovely music and easy going personality. Best to you in the future!"
(C. Barasz)

November, 2015 - "Annalise was a consummate performer. She had a great voice and excellent material -- almost all of it her own original songs, but with a couple cover songs thrown in for good measure. From my viewpoint as a host, she was professional and accommodating, and she communicated clearly. I got consistently very positive comments after the show from my guests. I would gladly host Annalise again."
(B. Melendez)

November, 2015 - "It was a pleasure hosting Annalise who came along with Devon Graves and Olivier LeGall. Annalise has a great voice, and we loved her solo songs as much as her playing and singing together with Devon and Olivier. The evening with these three musicians was colourful and entertaining, and Annalise is well organized and a considerate guest to host."
(C. Piesgrandes)

October, 2015 - "We've had a great time with Annalise, together with her friends Davon and Olivier. Very nice and original songs and very good guitar performance."
(M. Goguey)

August, 2015 - "Annalise is an amazing singer, with a rare talent to write beautiful songs. She speaks from her personal experiences in her songs, and connects with the audience. Every show is perfect that she performs."
(J. Smith)

June, 2015 - "After communicating with Annalise for almost 2 years, we were finally able to set a date (mostly due to our crazy schedule). I'm so pleased that she was patient with me-it was well worth the wait! She was touring with Brian Dunne so we made it a "double header". The format worked very well and our audience loved them both. Annalise and Brian were both professional and personable and so very talented. Everyone really enjoyed interacting with them during and after the show. It was a perfect night!"
(H. Baker)

June, 2015 - "What really stands out to me about Annalise's music is her lyrics. Her songs evoke universal truths about relationships and life experiences, but in a way that's totally relatable. The message is soothing, because she has the talent to write about a feeling and make you feel what she feels. Her voice is very clear and confident and she's a mature performer for being so young."
(A. Barron)

June, 2015 - "Annalise was fantastic. She was traveling with her friend Brian Dunne who is also an excellent musician. They are both pros. I didn't hear a missed note and their voices were great. I think some of Annalise's hits "Sidewalk Chalk", "Boston", & "Patty Smith" may make it big someday. In addition to the great music, they both owned the room and put on a great concert. Plus they are excellent communicators and nice and fun and okay, I will stop gushing, but you will not be disappointed."
(D. Lippert)

June, 2015 - "What can I say? Hosting Annalise for the second time was like inviting an old friend back into my home. Her voice is beautiful and her original lyrics inspire reflection on childhood, love, friends, family and leave you wanting more. I will always host Annalise when she is in town and cannot wait to see and hear her again. I have forwarded her future tour dates to friends of mine that might be able to catch her in other states, she is worth the time and the drive."
(A. Champion)

March, 2015 - "Annalise really touched our small, but enthusiastic mid-week audience. People related to her songs that were based on her experiences, but have universal appeal. This is the mark of a great songwriter. Her singing and guitar playing were professional and complemented her variety of original songs. Annalise engaged the audience and is also a very friendly and interesting person. We look forward to having her back and recommend her highly to other hosts. You won't be disappointed!"
(J. Emerson)

March, 2015 - "Annalise Emerick singing and guitar playing is awesome. Her voice is clear, and songs she performed reflected great songwriting. She interacted well with guests before, during and after the show. Guests commented on how very much they enjoyed her performance. Did not want the performance to end."
(B. Levine)

February, 2015 - "Annalise's huge voice and fantastic lyrics added a perfect touch to the afternoon!"
(P. DeLorenzo)

December, 2014 - "Annalise is a true talent. Her songs were very well done and her performance was outstanding. When I first heard her music, I thought "how is she playing for us at our house? She should be on the radio." She has such a great voice. We'd be happy to have her back. Hopefully she doesn't get too big for us too soon!"
(M. Hough)

December, 2014 - "Annalise put on a great concert and we were all taken with her voice. Nice songs, well delivered. It's easy to see why she's become so popular in our network."
(F. Snyder)

December, 2014 - "What a great night! Annalise was feeling under the weather, but still put on a fantastic show. Her talent as a songwriter really shines. I'm looking forward to having her back at the house!"
(K. Schulz)

December, 2014 - "Annalise was a delight. Her voice permeated the house bringing pleasure to all who attended. Her humor and spirit were enjoyed by all. She ended with a rousing country song that was perfect for a Texas girl and appreciative audience."
(H. Dahlhauser)

November, 2014 - "What a voice! Annalise is wonderful: upbeat, sweet, creative and spunky. Our audience loved her and so did we. We will be scheduling her again."
(T. Chara)

November, 2014 - "Annalise has a beautiful and soulful voice. She enchanted the audience with her singing and guitar and entertained us in between with stories about her songs and life on the road. We have already received a number of notes and emails from guests saying how much they enjoyed her performance. She was a pleasure to work with setting up the show and was a consummate house guest too. Easy and comfortable company! We would welcome her back anytime."
(P. Davis)

November, 2014 - "Amazing singer-songwriter whose talent and sincerity transcend the moment. She blends technique with passion and sincerity giving one of the most enjoyable and authentic house concerts I've had or have been to. If you are seeking a special singer-songwriter who is easy to work with and will move you and the audience with her songs and stories, book her! She is delightful and personable, humble and sincere. The next morning you will wake up realizing you were a part of something special!"
(D. Garber)

October, 2014 - "Annalise patiently waited 18 months to play for us, and she was well worth the wait! Although we were a modest but mighty audience, she gave 110%. Songs are memorable, relevant to all, and her voice is powerful and crystal clear. She's one smart, hardworking woman! She knows what works (she reads an audience very well), and when and where it works. Best of all, Annalise is easy going, responds promptly to correspondence, and goes with the flow. Absolute pleasure to work with!"
(L. Bolton)

October, 2014 - "Annalise is awesome--a true professional! Out of all the artists I've worked with she was the most prepared. She has a setup that takes all the guesswork out of dialing in her sound. With her system she literally sounds the same at every single performance. I am looking forward to working with Annalise again!"
(J. Taylor)

September, 2014 - "Annelise sang sweetly, and with great skill. Her music was catchy and meaningful. She was fun, and a great person to host. Setting up the concert with her was straightforward and seamless."
(H. Brewer)

August, 2014 - "Annalise was phenomenal! She is such a professional but has a real honest connection with her audience. All of our attendees bought cds and are crazy about her! She is such a professional, from booking to occasional check-ins, to set up, and of course her show. Her music and lyrics transport the audience to a magical place. BOOK HER!"
(J. Lynch)

August, 2014 - "Annalise is an outstanding singer, songwriter and performer. One of the best performers of this first season. Strong, clear and powerful voice. Accomplished guitar playing. Great personality. Audience loved her. Great songs!!! She is a pro!!! Look forward to inviting her back."
(R. Malone)

July, 2014 - "Annalise was only our second touring artist, but left our SRO audience asking for more. One of the beauty of "house concerts" is the intimacy of the setting and Annalise fits the role as a seasoned performer while warm and outgoing. As a houseguest she is a joy and we will welcome her back to Singerhill soon."
(C. Singer)

July, 2014 - "As usual Annalise mesmerized the audience with her voice and lyrics. A true performer she had the house asking for more. She is someone other hosts should check out."
(K. Perrin)

July, 2014 - "Another full house concert for the talented and energetic Annalise. 52 attendees. Content was personal and thoughtful. IMO, we all rattled the begging bowl a bit too much, but it did payoff. Annalise is headed for a three-peat in White Stone if the stars align. We love her here!"
(D. Small)

June, 2014 - "Our house concert with Annalise was great. She has a beautiful voice and well-crafted songs. She interacted with all the guests during the break and at the end. We had many people comment the following day on how much they enjoyed the show. Her CD, Field Notes, has been in my car player almost every day since the concert. We loved having Annalise as a performer."
(K. Teichert)

May, 2014 - "Annalise delivered a strong performance. Absolutely incredible voice. Her own songs were terrific, and her version of Tennessee Waltz was simply breathtaking. Should have been on stage at the Ryman for that!"
(D. Jennings)

May, 2014 - "Fantastic show, and a great person. Every song she sings, you think "this one is the best," then she plays the next one, and you think the same thing. She has a beautiful voice, and writes great songs. She talked to everyone, and made everyone feel comfortable."
(J. Smith)

April, 2014 - "Annalise Emerick was our fourth house concert and she was amazing! She fit right in with the crowd like an old friend. Her voice knocked us out of our seats and her lyrics were heartfelt. She is a very old soul with a long and rich life ahead of her. She is easy to host and communicates well from pre-show to lights out after the show. I hope to book Annalise again if she comes through AZ."
(A. Champion)

April, 2014 - "Annalise is a great performer and is so nice and friendly. She was a wonderful house guest and very easy going. Her performance was very good and she interacted well with the audience. Her songs were appropriate for all audiences and she was a good communicator. I highly recommend any host book her for their house concert series."
(A. Georgopoulos)

April, 2014 - "Annalise is a great person and fabulous entertainer! Everyone had a super time! She can now count me and my friends as her fans! Come back soon, Annalise!"
(B. Brogan)

April, 2014 - "Annalise was the performer at our 'reborn' HC series - she was so pleasant, so talented, so eager for the show to go well for US. She connected with everyone in attendance at different places - her background is so varied & she shares appropriately. Beautiful voice, skilled playing, thought-provoking lyrics. We hope she will make southern NM part of her regular tour! Book this young woman (& you get a perfect house guest, too!)."
(S. Duenker)

November, 2013 - "Annalise is a great singer and songwriter. She took the time to talk about the writing of each of her songs, which is always nice for the listeners. This was an indoor show with a small crowd, but at times it's better this way. Her music is provocative and thoughtful, and her voice just fills a room. We will certainly have her back in the future..."
(A. Barron)

November, 2013 - "We had such a great time with Annalise! She is a talented singer/songwriter/musician and has a great personality that shines through each song. She was so easy to host and was the perfect guest. My audience just loved her songs and her. I would highly recommend her for a great show. She was extremely professional and mixed with all of my guests. Her voice is amazing and sounds even better in-person than it does on video."
(B. Raymond)

September, 2013 - "Annalise Emerick sang to a crowd of 40 in a beautiful backyard event and convinced them all she is the real thing. Voice like Eva Cassidy as one review noted and she is close. Great personality, good audience rapport. I highly recommend. She be back here for sure."
(K. Perrin)

September, 2013 - "Annalise blew me away with her incredible voice and heartfelt lyrics! Tom Cadrin was outstanding on the guitar as her accompanist. My audience truly enjoyed this concert because Annalise was so warm and friendly and also covered a couple well known songs that everyone knew and appreciated. A truly professional artist who is wise beyond her years…I would recommend Annalise to everyone!"
(P. DeLorenzo)

August, 2013 - "It's always so much fun to host fun people. Annalise and her guitarist Tom were perfect house guests, always willing to help out. We were sorry to see them leave so soon for their next gig. Musically they are extremely talented, her lyrics were heartfelt & character filled. The show was family friendly & they mingled well with our group. Everyone loved the performance. As an aside, I would want to try the show totally un-amplified, but we are new, too, so this is a learning curve for us as well."
(D. Small)

Recommendations come from experienced CIYH hosts.

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