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House Concert Guide for Artists

Oasis CD has released Fran Snyder's Musician's Guide to House Concerts. It's built on the knowledge gained from 10 years of playing and hosting house concerts, as well as what Fran has learned from running, a worldwide network of house concerts he started in 2006.

No one on the planet has spent more time creatively thinking about house concerts than him. This guide contains excerpts from his upcoming book. You'll find fresh insights that can help you re-think how house concerts can help you thrive as well as survive.

Oasis will ask for your email in exchange for the free download, but you are probably on their email list already. We really think you'll enjoy this free download.

House concert hosts use our site to create attractive webflyers to promote their house concerts. After the events take place, we ask them for feedback, which often comes in the form of a recommendation for the artist.

Since we are a very selective membership website, these recommendations allow us to make better decisions when artists apply for membership. Recommendations from ConcertsInYourHome hosts make great referrals, and many new hosts rely on this kind of feedback when they decide who to book for their shows. You can see host recommendations in this active profile.

House Concert Guide for Hosts

I wish I would have had this Hosts's Guide to House Concerts 14 years ago when I started doing concerts in my back yard! You are truly amazing and I really appreciate everything you do for the community! Keep up the good work! -- Cindy Buck

It's hard to imagine someone with more in-depth knowledge of house concerts than Fran Snyder. This booklet combines experience from 15 years of performing, 5 years of hosting, and 4 years of running the most vibrant online resource for house concerts - CIYH. Please take and enjoy this gift.

Featuring: 24 pages of the most helpful tips and resources for presenting house concerts.