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David Nigel Lloyd
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Traditional / Contemporary Folk

Host/Venue Recommendations: 6

Member since: 2010-07-30
Home: Yreka, CA, US
Frequently Tours: California, Oregon, Washington, Ontario,
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, octar/guitar in l'ud tuning
Other Instruments: vihuela sin trastes
Genre: Anglo/Celtic American folk, meta-blues, singer/songwriter, non-traditional traditionalism, acid folk
Style: Varied well-paced
Content: deliverance and laughter
Rating: G - PG

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Fay Cooper's Close Encounter or Tim Lane [Child Ballad 39]
Venus Descending
Lullaby at Forest Gate

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Excellent —LA Times

Wry, witty, acute and literary with a very nice slant on the Anglo/American tradition. —Robin Williamson

Some serious traditional fun —LA Weekly

Excellent —Folk Roots [UK]

Engagingly eccentric … a versatile and seasoned performer. —Murday Fischer, All Music Guide

Recommendations from hosts

October, 2013 - "David Nigel Lloyd is a warm and entertaining performer. He played a variety of personal songs that lived up to his reputation as a top non-traditional folk singer and song poet. We had a great time."
(M. Fromherz)...


In performance, David Nigel Lloyd often introduces his songs with an ornate joke, a true tale or —to keep things honest— an outrageous lie. Accompanying himself on the 8-stringed octar, and on guitar in l’ud tuning, he has performed at folk venues in the British Isles, Canada and throughout the US. In 2011, he was an Official Showcase Performer at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis, Tennessee.

The olde Anglo-Celtic pantheon of demon knights, faerie queens and divin...

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