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Christopher Mark Jones
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poetic and thought-provoking

Host/Venue Recommendations: 5

Member since: 2012-04-28
Home: Pittsburgh, PA, US
Frequently Tours: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments:
Genre: Contemporary folk and Americana
Style: Varied , roots
Content: Political , personal
Rating: G - PG

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"Christopher uses the palate of American roots music to weave his tales of families, lovers, workers, travel and hope.” Robin Greenstein.

“Christopher is a bonafide storyteller in the mold of the classic folk troubadour. With Greg Brown's pacing and a Lyle Lovett attitude, Jones revels in catchy choruses and solid song structures." Ben Shannon

Recommendations from hosts

June, 2016 - "This was Christopher Mark Jones second appearance at my concert series. It was a delight to have him return and listen to some new material and "older" favorites. His rough edged, yet soft spoken vocals are captivating. His lyrics tell wonderful stor...


In 2017 Americana songwriter Christopher Mark Jones released Incantations, his fifth album, and the book Smoke On The Meadow: Selected Lyrics 1977-2017. He has been playing and recording since his 1978 Transatlantic Records (UK) release No More Range to Roam. A former pro basketball player and French professor, Christopher spent his early career busking in Paris, touring the UK, Denmark, and Holland, and upon his return to the US, Boston-area clubs. These days he tours nationally from his base...

Trying to fill these important dates

MA,ME,VT/US: Sep, 2018 (dates: Sept 12-23) - Northeast

WI,IL,IA/US: Oct, 2018 (dates: Oct 14-28) - Midwest

5 song excerpts from live solo concert

The Trapper's Wife solo live i

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