"House Concerts - you and the music. No distractions."
Woody Russell
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Sophisticated, Jazz-Adjacent, Soul

Host/Venue Recommendations: 16

Member since: 2015-01-02
Home: Austin, TX, US
Frequently Tours: Yes (SOLO/DUO/TRIO)
# of Members: 3 or more
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar, Voice
Other Instruments: TRIO: Harmonicas, Piano/Keys
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Pop-Jazz, Blues, "Blue-eyed Soul"
Style: Varied "Technicolor Americana"
Content: Mainstream Singer-Songwriter
Rating: G - PG

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Delicious Days (from the album, Delicious Days)
2015 Trio Tour Compilation (Live recordings from various concerts)
Empty Man (from the album, Carry It Up)

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"Bristling with blue-eyed soul. 'Carry It Up' is a kind of 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother' for the 21st century."

Jazz at Style Quarterly
"A wallop of pop-infused jazz... fascinating hues of ingenious songwriting."

Chart Magazine(CAN)
"Eclectic and unique. Worth more than the price of admission."

Recommendations from hosts

October, 2017 - "As I often report, "this was the best house concert so far". It was. Woody, Jose and Lloyd were fabulous. My audience is always attentive and appreciative, but last night everybody connected with both the band and the subject matter of the songs,...


RECENT AUDIENCE RAVES from 2015 Tour (SLHC Concerts):
"It was most incredible, one of the best performances I have ever seen since my first concert in '71!"

"Best house concert EVER! Maybe one of the best musical events I've been witness to."

"A love fest of blues, jazz and soul music that was awe inspiring."

•Tours throughout US and Canada at all manner of venues (clubs, house concerts, theaters) as well as major festivals (Newport Folk Festival (2x), NxNE, SxSW, W...


Trying to fill these important dates

MD,VA,NC/US: Oct, 2017 (dates: 8 - 15) - Sundays or early mid-week

FL,GA,NC/US: Mar, 2018 (dates: Late Feb-March) - Late Feb - Early Mar

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