"House Concerts - you and the music. No distractions."
The Coteries
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High-Energy Van Band

Host/Venue Recommendations: 1

Member since: 2017-02-26
Home: Fort Collins, CO, US
Frequently Tours: Northeast, Southeast, Mountain West, USA
# of Members: 3 or more
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar & Mandolin & Vocals
Other Instruments: Harmonica, Banjo, Foot Stomp
Genre: Americana / Folk Rock
Style: Upbeat Feel Good
Content: Mainstream Travel Music
Rating: G - PG

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I'm Travelin' On
Run, Run Elmira
Santa Fe

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"Well, just go ahead and make me cry.... We loved having you and you are always welcome back. My grandkids were here for Thanksgiving and talked about how awesome you were. " - Lee McMillan, Dog Patch House Concerts "Their dedication, investment and determination prove that any dream is possible if you work at it hard enough." - Greg, AMM

Recommendations from hosts

August, 2017 - "Great music! Lots of positive feedback from guests. Interaction with the audience was great!"
(K. Harper)


Born out of the midst of an 11,000 mile North American road trip, The Coteries bring you Folk Rock music steeped in their travels and the back roads of the American countryside. Two summers ago, they decided to quit their day jobs, buy an old VW Bus, and go travel around the country without any real plan. Aside for some freezing August nights in Wyoming and Montana, and a few protests from their parents, it was the best decision of their lives. Since their return, they've played over 200 shows i...

Run, Run Elmira - The Coteries Original

I'm Travelin' On - The Coterie

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