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Kerry Patrick Clark
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Musical Norman Rockwell

Host/Venue Recommendations: 2

Member since: 2010-12-10
Home: Maumee, OH, US
Frequently Tours: OH, MI, PA, IN, IL, NY, WI, KY
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Piano, Harmonica, Banjo
Genre: Americana/Folk, Singer Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Christian
Style: Mellow Upbeat
Content: Mainstream Singer/Songwriter
Rating: G - PG

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In A Perfect World
Another River Runs

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Kerry Patrick Clark is absolutely stunning. It is as though Kerry has transported himself from another time, a time of honest songwriting, pure lyrics, and dynamic vocals. INDIE SHOWCASE.NET Kerry Patrick Clark is a songwriters' songwriter. Nowhere near as well known as he should be... WILDY'S WORLD Kerry Patrick Clark is exceptional. WLSO FM

Recommendations from hosts

September, 2016 - "Kerry is a very talented folk musician that will inspire you with every song he sings. Very thought provoking songs! Wonderful voice and great personality. You will like him a lot and want more. He has been referred to as the the new Norman Rockw...


KPC is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, therapist, comedian, word painter, and masterful entertainer. Those who are lucky enough to catch him in concert, leave a different person. The range of the experience for many runs from laughter and lightness to depth and connection and the realization of a shared humanity. Thatís the thread he weaves into every performance because itís the center of who he is: he knows that being human means we want to laugh, we want to be thoughtful, we want to be nos...

Trying to fill these important dates

OH,IN,MI/US: Mar, 2018 (dates: Anytime) - Midwest winters are LONG! Music warms the heart and soul:-)

PA,KY,WV/US: Mar, 2018 (dates: Anytime) - Midwest winters are LONG! Music warms the heart and soul:-)

Kerry Patrick Clark - a musical Norman Rockwell

2013 FAR West Official Showcas

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