"House Concerts - you and the music. No distractions."
Heather Mae
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Folk-Pop Songwriter Comedienne

Host/Venue Recommendations: 1

Member since: 2016-04-30
Home: Washington, DC, US
Frequently Tours: 75% of the year
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Piano
Other Instruments: Ukulele
Genre: Folk-pop / Singer-Songwriter
Style: Upbeat & singer-songwriter
Content: Mainstream + a lil' social justice
Rating: G - PG

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Stand Up
I Am Enough

LIVE - "I Am Enough"


"Heather Mae is one of the DC area's top singer-songwriters, and I have to include her in my series at least once a year."

- David Holiday, Stone Room Concerts

"Mae brings her powerful songs, her passion, and her high-energy presence wherever she performs. She delights and connects with her audiences."

- Cheryl Kagan, Folk 'N Great Music

Recommendations from hosts

June, 2017 - "Heather's voice, music, message, personna - all extraordinary. Her concert made us think, cry, and laugh. It was enjoyed by the audience on so many levels. If you want a concert that's out of the ordinary and will challenge your audience in a very pos...


"I AM ENOUGH" EP - #60 iTunes Pop Charts (June 2016)

It is rare to find an artist who startles your senses on many levels, engaging the part of your brain that makes you shake your hips, but also raise your fist in solidarity.

Heather Mae does just that.

An imaginative lyricist with a powerhouse voice, Heather Mae is forging new ground with her newest album (June 2016). Entitled “I AM ENOUGH”, the collection was dubbed a KickStarter Staff Pick, as it smashed through it...


"Go Slow" - Heather Mae (LIVE @ Fox Run Studios)

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