"House Concerts - you and the music. No distractions."
Annie and Rod Capps
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rootsy soulful groovy

Host/Venue Recommendations: 8

Member since: 2016-02-15
Home: Chelsea, MI, US
Frequently Tours: Midwest and beyond
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: viola, mandolin, banjo
Genre: Folk, Americana
Style: Varied
Content: stories, musings, vinettes
Rating: G - PG

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We're Still Here



“There is vitality to their performance that is infectious. Great music by fun people!”
– Jim McTiernan, Flint Folk Society

“Their performances were simply outstanding”
– Craig Carrick, Nor-east’r Music Festival/Host of Carrick’s House Concerts

“...infectious, impeccable, engaging."
- David Tamulevich, Tamulevich Artist Mgmt

Recommendations from hosts

January, 2017 - "This was the most fun we've had at our house. We booked Annie, Rod and Jason to play for a campout of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, many in their 20s, who danced, applauded and begged for more songs. The band happily obliged, and we had a blast...


"With wit and humility, Annie and Rod captivated our audience right from the first song, all the way to the standing ovation and encore." - Elaine Mahon, Sandhill Stage, Gainesville, FL

Songs about broken things and poignant little ponderings are delivered with a rootsy vibe, a touch of twang and a soulful groove. Annie and Rod are on a musical journey that began in 1982, culminating into a symbiotic sound that reflects their deep and intuitive understanding of each other. Annie’s disarmi...


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