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Annalise Emerick
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Honest, Relatable, Melodic

Host/Venue Recommendations: 43

Member since: 2013-02-25
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: USA
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments:
Genre: folk, singer/songwriter
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G - PG

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Save Us Again
January Blues
a Person for Everyone

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“If you try to put Emerick’s music in a box, you just might be wasting your time. ” - Billboard

“A lovely arrangement that falls somewhere between folk and country.” -CMT Edge

“On her album, Starry-Eyed, Annalise Emerick blends folk music with pop sensibilities as she crafts melodies as pretty as her name.” -The Deli, New England

Recommendations from hosts

February, 2018 - "Annalise gave a wonderful performance. Her songs are lyrical and give you an opportunity to reflect. She interacted beautifully with the audience and was a delight to have."
(M. Fromherz)



Annalise Emerick, a self-starting, twenty-something, singer-songwriter has been on the road virtually non-stop for six years. Choosing to leave behind any semblance of a normal life for the day-to-day of a traveling independent musician was always a no-brainer for the Nashville spitfire. In 2011, Emerick released her first project, Starry-Eyed, to heavy critical acclaim after it debuted at #9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. Three years after the release of her first EP, Emerick returned w...

All I Wanna Do Is Be with You

This Love Won't Break Your Hea

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