"House concerts are the emotional anchors of every tour." - Hans York
About CIYH

Our Mission:
CIYH creates and nurtures opportunities that pay artists a living wage, to perform in a listening environment, while bringing communities together with a renewed passion for live music.

It's increasingly challenging for touring performers to draw audiences to clubs, and more difficult still to connect with these audiences in a meaningful way.

Especially for small acts, most venues offer too many distractions (televisions, loud conversations, etc.), and are far too preoccupied with alcohol sales.

We promote the concept of house concerts to artists and music lovers around the world. We turn fans into concert promoters, and provide free tools for anyone who wants to create more opportunities for talented artists.

We believe the value of music is best measured by memories - not alcohol sales.

We also believe that house concerts are the best way to enjoy live music today. You do not have to be a member to use this site. Our efforts are funded by donations, and the artists you'll find on the artist search page.

CIYH makes no guarantees regarding member artists and hosts on this site. We are not responsible for their performance or conduct. We encourage and enable hosts and artists to make references available. Shop wisely - and have a great time!

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