Living rooms were made for live music.
down by the river    (HC/DNS)
Berlin - 10997 - DE        Larger Metro Area: Berlin
Down by the Rriver

Our Dream Acts:
Steve Wynn, Rachelle van Zanten, my next artist

Some of our recent favorites:
US_RAILS,Oh My Darling, HUSSY HICKS (hard to make a choice here)
Details Schedule Booking
We Like: americana, blues. singer-songwriter, alt. country
Don't Like: rap, hip-hop
Act Size: Any
Events/Year: 12
Attendance: Ave: 30  Cap: 35
Experience: 47
Preferred Days: Fr/Sa/Flex
Opening Acts: Maybe
Member Since: 2011-01-31
Last Update: 2013-11-05
Sound System: 24 channel mixer, amps, speakers, mics
Instru. Avail: acoustic guitar, drum set
Alcohol: beer, wine, but BYOB
Guarantee: Maybe
Stay Over: Yes
Stay Details (and pet info):
2 room apartment (extra in my house), 1 big bed (one room), a (smaller) second bed iin the second room, bathroom with toilet, shower & bathtub, kitchenette, fridge, expresso machine, washing machine, dryer, free wi-fi, tv, stereo. If you need something, let me know, maybe we can make it happen. You can also do your laundry here. There are NO pets in that appartement.
Recommendations from Artists
June, 2012 - "Alexander and the beautiful people who came to my appearance at "Down By The River" are music lovers who gave the songs the respect I believe they deserve. This may be the best gig for a songwriter in Europe." - Bill Toms

Date Type Main Performer
02/06/11 (HC) Lynne Hanson
02/27/11 (HC) Joseph Parsons
03/21/11 (HC) Terry Lee Hale
04/15/11 (HC) Jaimi Faulkner (AU)
05/13/11 (HC) Epiphany Project (Bet Williams, John Hodian)
06/17/11 (HC) The HUSSY HICKS (AU)
09/03/11 (HC) Rory Faithfield (AU)
09/30/11 (HC) Nils Koppruch (GER)
10/24/11 (HC) Tom Gillam (Texas)
11/18/11 (HC) Case Conrad (SWE)
12/02/11 (HC) Ray Bonneville (CAN)
02/19/12 (HC) US RAILS
05/11/12 (HC) Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart
06/01/12 (HC) Bill Toms
06/24/12 (HC) Oh My Darling
09/28/12 (HC) Philip Boelter (GER)
11/03/12 (HC) DOGHOUSE ROSES (Scotland)
11/23/12 (HC) The HUSSY HICKS (AU)
12/14/12 (HC) Joseph Parsons
03/23/13 (HC) transmissionary 6 (Seattle)
03/27/13 (HC) Epiphany Project (Bet Williams, John Hodian)
04/04/13 (HC) Elizabeth Lee & Her Cozmic Mojo
04/19/13 (HC) Jaimi Faulkner Band (AU / NL)
05/05/13 (HC) Todd Thibaud Band
05/21/13 (HC) The US-RAILS
05/30/13 (HC) Sarah Mac Dougall & Band
06/12/13 (HC) Prita Greyley (AU)
08/25/13 (HC) Oh MY DARLING (CAN)
09/20/13 (HC) The HUSSY HICKS (AU)
10/11/13 (HC) Troubadours of Divine Bliss (USA)
10/18/13 (HC) sk's metal cinema
11/09/13 (HC) Paul Sprawl
11/16/13 (HC) Todd Thibaud & Sean Staples
12/08/13 (HC) KC Mc Kanzie (UK)
03/04/14 (HC) The Joseph Parsons Band
03/21/14 (HC) Sarah McQuaid
04/03/14 (HC) Malcolm Holcombe (USA)
05/03/14 (HC) Annabell Chvostek Ensemble (CAN)

About Our House Concerts

(I'm German, so please excuse my english)

I'm a strong supporter and enjoy-er of independent music & musicians.

For quite a while, my house is a place for wandering troubadours to stay and relax and explore my hometown Berlin.

I've also been doing house concerts just for the fun of it (for me) and for my befriended musicians to help them to get more attention, sell some CD's and make some money.

I'm doing a house-concert every month (sometimes 2 a month) in my basement which can hold up to 30 people comfortably. If we squeeze, some more..

Not Now    Not Now

Please email a link to the most useful webpage for me to sample your music and/or videos.

I try my very best to respond to your inquiry within the week, to let you know if I feel my audience is a good fit for your music.

Important: please take a look at my host profile before you inquire.

Another part of my fun is that I'm a "taper" and I do like to record each house concert, therefore i ask you for your permission beforehand.

ALEX (RUS), Ben Arnold (USA), Bet Williams (USA), Bob Hamilton (CAN), Carmen (GER), Carus Thompson & The French Belivers (AU), Curtis Prince (USA), Derrin Nauendorff (AU), Doghouse Roses (Scotland), Eileen Rose & The Holy Wreck (USA), Epiphany Project (USA/GER), Eric Taylor (Texas), Felicity Burdett (AU), Fred de Fred Gras (FR), Freddi Lubitz (NL), Gabriel Rhodes (Texas), Gem Andrews (UK), Gustav Haggren (SWE), James Harries (GB), Jaimi Faulkner (AU), Jimmi Nolan (GB), Joe Klompus (USA), John Francis (USA), John Hodian (USA), Joseph Parsons (USA), Judith Renkema (NL), Kim Taylor (USA), Kimmie Rhodes (Texas), Leon den Engelsen (NL), Luke Howard (AU), Luuk Adams (NL) , Lyndell Montgomery (CAN); Lynne Hanson (CAN), MADAM (UK), Mal Stein (USA), Marie-Jo Dandeneau (CAN), Mark Stuart (USA), Mathias Schneider (GER), Matt Brown (USA), Matt Muir (USA), Michael J. Sheehy & The Hired Mourners (GB), Minnie Marks (AU), Nils Koppruch (GER), Noam Vazana (Israel), Oh My Darling (CAN), Pete Caldes (USA), Prita Grealy (AU), Randall Skrasek (USA), Ray Bonneville (USA), Rory Faithfield (AU/IRL), Ross Bellenoit (USA), Russell Chudnofsky (USA), Sarah Macdougall (CAN), Scott Bricklin (USA), Shane Cooley (USA), Shawn Killaly (CAN); Sean Staples (USA), Stacey Earle (USA), Stacie Collins Band (USA), Sven Hansen (GER), Sydney Wayser (AU), Tanya Davis (CAN), Terry Lee Hale (USA/France), The Hussy Hicks (AU), The Jaimi Faulkner Band (AU/NL), The Joseph Parsons Band (USA/GER/NL), The „Legendary“ Rich Gilbert (USA), The Todd Thibaud Band (USA), The Tom Gillam Band (USA), The US-RAILS (USA, FR, GER), Todd Thibaud (USA), Tom Gillam (Texas), Tony Furtado (USA), Troubadours Of The Divine Bliss (USA) .... some played and some just stayed.

If you know some or one of them, you may get an idea of what kind of music I like.

So if you're coming to Berlin and looking for a place to stay and play, let me know.

Greetings from Berlin, Germany.


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