Fran Snyder headshot 2006Acoustic Pop-Rock with a Groove.

I’ve played colleges, clubs, and mainstages all over the US, touring extensively as a solo act, as well as part of the “acoustic hip-hop duo” Six Strings and Vinyl. On the mainstage, I’ve opened for many of my heroes, including Shawn Mullins, Shawn Colvin, Don Henley, Peter Stuart, Dan Fogelberg, Cowboy Junkies, and Boz Scaggs.

I’ve also produced and released five discs on my independent Better Records “label.” It was also a pleasure to produce some noteworthy demos for some great friends, like Beth Hirsch (Who later sang on Air’s “Zoo Safari and signed with Universal) and the live disc “Where’s the Stage?” from my talented friend JPWilliams (who later signed with a Nashville publishing company.)

Always a bridesmaid, never the bride. 8^)

“Fran Snyder…is more than a musician and entrepreneur who has built a better mousetrap; he has done so based on a wide range of firsthand industry experience. Present Magazine

Somewhere along the way I discovered house concerts, and fell in love with the idea. If you present acoustic music in a new and intimate atmosphere, people can really respond in an amazing way. I created because I couldn’t find enough of these opportunities, and I wanted to share this newfound wisdom with everyone who would listen.

Two years later and here we are. It’s a battle to find time to write and record my own stuff, though I sometimes win that battle. The website, however, has turned into a powerful force, and sometimes won’t be denied. It’s a handful, and though I have great help (Bryan and Jody), I could always use more. Any volunteers?

Fran Snyder named in Music Connection’s “Top 50 Innovators… of 2008.”

This blog is an addition to the site, where I can share new information about CIYH, as well as touring tips and other music-related information that might serve the modern-day touring performer. Please keep in touch!

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Fran Snyder gave up the “please sign me” ethos very soon after starting his music career. After seeing many of his friends get signed, and then, almost without exception, hearing them say that signing a recording contract “was the worst thing they ever did,” he decided to go about creating a career in a different way.
Watching the careers of Shawn Mullins and Ani Difranco, Fran realized that you could be independent, and make a good living at music, while maintaining control over your career.

With the advent of the internet, and instant global distribution, Fran decided to share what he’s learned in his 10 years as an independent act through this website. These articles are a great resource for beginning artists and professionals who just haven’t been able to break through in a big way.

He has done more than his share of restaurant and nightclub gigs, as a band and a solo act, and managed to become the “go to” guy in each market he’s worked. He is living proof that you can make a good living by playing music, and that you can be a respected and influential artist without having a hit record or a record deal.

Many of the articles on this site are aimed at the musician who is still sweating it out in the clubs, restaurants, and colleges. It isn’t glamorous work, but it can be fulfilling and worthwhile. Fran’s tips will help you get the most out of the experience, and if you slipped into a rut, they’ll shed light on different ways to break out.

– Edward Snipes

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