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House Concert Invitation Video

Posted by admin on 30 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: House Concert Videos, Tips for House Concert Hosts

House Concert Invitation Video… will this help you?

Here’s the link… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=try-z4-4h04

Thanks to the kind hosts who’ve sent us pictures over the past few years, I was finally able to create an “invitation video” to help inspire new people to attend your events (even though they may be old friends!)

We all have a significant part of our mailing list that just doesn’t get it. What could be simpler than a  concert in someone’s home? Yet, time after time people shrug their shoulders and fail to understand how wonderful these events can be.

I think this video will help reach those people.

Feel free to use this video if you’d like to add impact to your next house concert invitation. Use the link above, or click the video again to get the “embed code” from YouTube.

HANS YORK: Inside Out

You don’t have to be a member of ConcertsInYourHome to use this, but CIYH hosts should definitely add the video link in all of your flyers. (Notice the first link near the bottom.)

If you like the soundtrack (first video), pick up this wonderful CD from Hans York, featuring the song “Lives Apart.” I love this record.

Please add your comments below. I welcome any suggestions to improve this video next time around.

Your fan,

Fran Snyder

Make my day. Or someone else’s.

Posted by admin on 27 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: General

When was the last time you made someone’s day?
Someone just made mine. Really, this is all it takes.

Hi Again, Fran,

Yes CIYH has been EXTREMELY productive. We’ve booked a number of artists and have on going discussions with several more. It’s a GREAT service.

This year CCA will run fourteen concerts. That’s quite a push for a small organization. We try to mix up styles. This summer we’ll present a jazz vocalist, a singer-songwriter (booked through CIYH), sea chanties, folk-rock, barbershop, bluegrass, a percussionist who plays the hang, and a hammer dulcimer player. We’re all about variety and trying to bring music of styles that folks don’t get to hear often. We don’t book cover bands or bar bands. We’re look for honest, persuasive music and performances that convey emotions. It has become standard practice for us to recommend to our performers that they join CIYH. We think it’s a great idea.

Thanks again for your extremely valuable service!

Bill (** note - This series is booked up for a while…)

Right now, pick up the phone, send an email, and tell someone they are doing a great job. Tell them you appreciate what they do. You know EXACTLY how good it feels to get a nice compliment when you really need it. Can’t think of anyone? Call your mom, then.

CIYH - The House Concert News. March 2009 Recap.

Posted by admin on 07 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: CIYH Newsletter

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Quote of the Month:

“I’m finding the new house concert calendars and (especially) the flyers soooo helpful. My friends are really responding. Thank you!” — B. Friedrichsen

Up close and personal with House Concerts

Visit Roy Schneider’s Music and Previous Cartoons

tinychair25 Message from Fran

It’s great to see all the activity on the house concert calendars, and the number of hosts who are using the e-flyers to send to their friends. I’ve been getting great feedback on this, and we’ll be tweaking the flyer soon (larger fonts for seniors & yahoo map vs address option.) Thanks for your suggestions.

tinychair25New CIYH Hosts

(artist members: search “member since 2009-03″ using the advanced search. )

New House Concert Presenters in ON, AZ, CA, CO, FL, KS, MI, MO, NC, NH, NY, OK, OR, TN, TX, VA

tinychair25 New CIYH Artists

(Look for these new artists here!)
Juni Fisher

2for2 Acoustic Duo, Andrew Solomon, Anna Dagmar, Bob Gramann, Carter Sampson, Chuck e. Costa, Cliff Eberhardt, Dan Krikorian, Dean Madonia, Dirty Dishes, Don and Karen McNatt, Ellis, Frances Drost, Greg Lamboy, Jennifer Lee, Joe Green, Joe Virga, Keith Curtis, Ken O’Malley, Kerry Grombacher, Kevin Higgins & Barbara Malteze, Kori Linae Carothers, Lauren Zettler, Linda Sack, Luke Brindley, Lydia Adams Davis, Marion Walsh, Mark S. Mooney, Mars Arizona, Michael Land, Michael Reno Harrell, Misner & Smith, My Brave Love, Porter, Rain Perry, Robin Spielberg, Ryanhood, Scott Cook, Sheryl Paige, Susan Clark, Susan Gibson, Sweet Bitters, The Hudsons

Featured this month: Juni Fisher, Carolann Ames, and Jill Jack.

tinychair25 Renewed Artists:

(Thank you for your continued support!)

Darren Raleigh, Kyle Knapp, DC Sills, Juni Fisher, Gates & Goodell, Ric Sandler, Dan Montgomery, Nathan Aswell, Doug Wilcox, Ruth & Max Bloomquist, Zach, D.C. Anderson, Mars or the Moon, Banshee in the Kitchen, Craig Bickhardt, Delmark Goldfarb

Chuck e. Costa

tinychair25New Agency Members:

We’d like to welcome Cynthia Lange of Wired Music Management. She represents Cliff Eberhardt and Chuck e. Costa.

Agencies should be mindful about artist riders… many hosts are not aware that these terms are negotiable, and may choose not to book if the terms are inappropriate. If house concerts are important to your artists, and they should be if you joined us, then it would be very helpful to develop an extremely simplified rider for house concerts.

tinychair25Tips for Artists and Hosts:

tinychair25Schwag of the Month:

New CIYH shirts

Bob Sima makes my day by snapping a self-portrait during his 2am snack. We debuted these shirts at the Folk Alliance conference and we still have a bunch looking for a new home. Could be a fun giveaway item at your next house concert!

They’re only $15, email me if you’d like one. Big discount if you want 3 or more.

tinychair25Letters from Ned:

“tap tap… is this thing on?” Another fun story from our resident historian, Ned Treanor. See “Killing at Carnegie.”

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Please share this newsletter with people you like. – fran

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