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Pizzazz in the House Concert

Posted by admin on 09 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: Tips for House Concert Hosts

House Concert Signs

house concert table tent

Here’s some tips and designs on making signs for various situations your concert guests may encounter.

There’s some “Suggested Donation” signs, and another which reads “Come In Quietly” which can be placed outside in case there are a few late-comers.

Of course you can create designs of your own; “Rest Room” with an arrow, “Outside smoking this way,” etc.

Print the signs on thicker paper, and fold them in half to use as a table tent shown to the right.

Just give us a sign!

Too Busy to Write Four Words

Posted by admin on 07 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: Tips for House Concert Hosts

This post is not about any host in particular. It’s an attempt to reinforce our message that
1. a quick reply is usually not as hard as we make it out to be, and
2. that even a “no” is greatly appreciated by most artists - so they can move on.

If we spent just half the time that we complain about how busy we are, doing the work we are complaining about, I think our productivity would skyrocket.

It’s a familiar chorus - “I’m too busy to respond to all the artist inquiries.”

However, in the time that it takes to write that sentence on your blog, in a forum, in an email, you could instead hit “reply,” and write any combination of these four-word-or-less phrases.

  • Sorry, not interested.
  • Not a good fit.
  • No thanks.
  • Try again next quarter.
  • Try again next year.
  • Thanks but no.
  • No thanks, good luck!
  • Try Russ and Julie’s 8^)

Do some of these sound rude? I guarantee you that to a professional musician, none of them are as offensive and exasperating as silence.

CIYH hosts should keep in mind - one of the key features we’ve built in for you is the ability to control the amount of inquiries you receive. Login, and change your booking light to green, yellow, or red. A red booking light hides you from artist searches… you will not receive inquiries from our artists when you choose this setting. Do this when you go on vacation, or reach your limits for how far out you’d like to book.

You can change that setting as often as you’d like.

Hosts! Co-host our Showcase Room at Folk Alliance this February!

Posted by admin on 07 Dec 2010 | Tagged as: Tips for House Concert Hosts

Would you like to co-host one of our showcase nights at Folk Alliance? The conference takes place in Memphis February 16-20th and we’ll be hosting a private guerrilla showcase (PGS) for each night. These showcases (in our hotel room) are a great way to personally hear and meet some of the great talent at ConcertsInYourHome.

As co-host you help us choose the artists that will showcase on your night, and help us keep the room friendly and inviting. You can even collaborate with hosts in “your host neighborhood” on the site to get their recommendations as well. Your choices can have a nice impact on the artists who get to perform.

Cost: There is no cost for co-hosting (we pay for the room) but you have the normal expenses of attending the conference such as registration, hotel, food, etc. We can help you find a roommate to split the cost of the room.

Do: check out the conference links, and get in touch with me by December 15th if you’d like to be one of our co-hosts. Happy to chat by phone with you as well.

This video will give you an idea of what the showcases are like. Enjoy!

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