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ConcertsInYourHome launches (DNS)

Posted by admin on 29 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: Press Releases launches DinnerAndSong (DNS)

Despite the growing popularity and necessity of house concerts, it’s common knowledge that most of these events happen on weekends. What people don’t know is that roughly 50% of them happen on Saturday. Therefore, house concerts have not helped buck the legacy that weeknights are the toughest nights for artists to find meaningful work.

Enter DinnerAndSong(.com)

This website is a new program from to get fans to host concerts on weeknights.

The basics are on the front page of the website. “You invite 6-10 friends for a casual dinner and music on a weeknight. Share a meal with a touring artist, who then performs a personalized 35-minute concert to top off the evening. You provide the food and your friends donate $10 each for the artist.”

Though the income is modest, it certainly rivals or trumps much of what is available on weeknights, especially if you are an unknown artist in that market. Add the benefit of a listening audience, free food, and a place to stay and you have a winning combination that could have a dramatic impact on the livelihood of the modern touring troubadour.

Music fans can join the community for free if they would like to host events.

Artists can join ConcertsInYourHome for access to the hosts on the DNS site, or can use many of the free resources to inspire their own fans to give this a try.
ConcertsInYourHome, established in 2006, is the leading resource for house concerts worldwide.

Contact: Fran Snyder

Press Release - ConcertsInYourHome publishes free 48 page House Concert Guide.

Posted by admin on 01 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Press Releases, the largest and most active community of house concerts on the web, has released the 48-page “House Concert Guide and 2010 Calendar.”

The booklet is available as a free download, and hard copies are free for a limited time ($4 for shipping is the only charge.)

The guide, written by Fran Snyder, provides all the basics for launching your own house concerts series, or simply hosting one show. It also shares tips and suggestions for experienced hosts to get the most out of the experience - how to engage your friends to attend, how to prepare for the evening, and how to attract the best talent possible.

The physical version of the guide includes a 2010 Calendar, which features 11 cartoons from “Carnegie Small,” drawn by Roy Schneider. These fun cartoons show the lighter side of house concerts.

The free PDF download is 24 pages.

Fran Snyder is an artist and the founder of The site educates, inspires, and connects music fans with a community of traveling artists. For media inquiries, call 817-789-2936, or visit our press page. celebrates 3 years.

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CIYH is Three Years Old! You deserve a shirt., a website that helps artists connect with house concert presenters, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. This online community has grown to more than 1,000 members worldwide and continues to inspire music fans to become concert promoters - in their living rooms.

House concerts allow artists to perform for a captive audience, in the casual and intimate setting of a fan’s home. Guests (friends of the host) typically pitch in a suggested donation of $10-15, and take their seats after a short pot-luck meal and social time. The performer then plays two sets with a short intermission, through very little or no sound system, and interacts with the audience during and after the show. These concerts are both artistically and financially rewarding for artists, especially those who often rely upon the distracted and diminishing club audiences to make a living.

Fran Snyder, a singer-songwriter and the founder of CIYH, regularly speaks on the subject of house concerts at music conferences and has become a recognized authority on the subject. Snyder was recognized by Music Connection in its “Top 50 Innovators, Groundbreakers, and Guiding Lights of 2008,” alongside such names as Derek Sivers, Victor Wooten, Jack Johnson, and Brian Eno.

“Fran Snyder…is more than a musician and entrepreneur who has built a better mousetrap; he has done so based on a wide range of firsthand industry experience.” — Present Magazine, Kansas City

CIYH provides free tools, videos, and articles for anyone interested in putting on or learning about house concerts. Host memberships are free, and artist memberships are $48 per year.

Basic Stats

400 House Concert presenters in the U.S. and Canada, and a few in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
700 Artists/Small groups, including hit-songwriters, world class performers, and up-and-coming talent.
9,000 website visitors per month, and a high-traffic blog “House Concerts and 21st Century Touring.”

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Fran Snyder 817-789-2936
fran @

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