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Kray Van Kirk
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Machineries of Joy

Host/Venue Recommendations: 12

Member since: 2009-10-17
Home: Juneau, AK, US
Frequently Tours: Coast to Coast
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, 6 and 12 string guitar
Other Instruments:
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Style: Acoustic Folk
Content: A medicine for melancholy
Rating: G - PG

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Walk With Me
Lost Lover's Waltz
A Chorus of Stones



The evening’s act was Kray Van Kirk, whose 12-string guitar and soaring vocals were spellbinding; the Alaskan singer-songwriter, in his Edinburgh debut, was not the reason I arrived early, but was certainly why I stayed late.

Recommendations from hosts

November, 2016 - "What a lovely evening! Kray Van Kirk is a consummate guitarist; a comfortable, talented performer; a wonderful songwriter and an easy guest. From the initial contact through the morning farewells, Kray was professional and personable. His perfor...


Kray Van Kirk is an Alaskan singer-songwriter, delivering performances that the Borderline Folk Club in New York called "...what every singer-songwriter should aspire to." At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where many shows receive only a handful of audience members due to the sheer volume of available performances, his room was sold out, leaving some folks sitting on the stairs and a Fringe reviewer to write "the Alaskan singer-songwriter, in his Edinburgh debut, was not the reason I arrived ...


Trying to fill these important dates

NM/US: Jan, 2017 (dates: Fri/Su 20 - 22) - I've a show outside of Albuquerque on Saturday the 20th and had a cancellation, so that Friday and

FL,GA,SC/US: Mar, 2017 (dates: All of March) - I've a show in Boca Raton on Sunday, March 5 and then will be headed north for some dates in Pennsy

Live at the Victoria Folk Music Society

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