"House Concerts - you and the music. No distractions."
Terry Holder
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Heartfelt, Honest and Edgy

Host/Venue Recommendations: 11

Member since: 2010-06-20
Home: Olympia, WA, US
Frequently Tours: CA, OR, WA, ID, AZ, TX, MN, MI, Il, MO,
# of Members: 2
Sound Equipment: Please Inquire
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Violin
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Folk
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G - PG

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"Flowers at Midnight" - Title track to the new CD
"To Love Her"
"When Will I be Loved"

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"Terry and Jerry gifted us with an evening of heartfelt stories and songs that touched every single person in our audience in a profoundly emotional way."

"With a touching display of emotive vocals, Terry Holder weaves her songs from the heart and soul. This is just a spectacular display of natural talent in the songwriting genre."

Recommendations from hosts

February, 2017 - "Terry Holder has been a favorite of our audience since we began our series. We missed having her play here in 2016, but were thrilled to have her back this year. It was a full house to start our new season and Terry and Jerry did a terrific show f...


TERRY HOLDER’S award winning songs are getting her noticed. Her engaging performances are opening hearts everywhere she goes. In live shows she has the undeniable ability to charm and connect with her listeners. Gifted with a voice to break your heart and with a touching display of emotive vocals, she weaves her songs from the heart and soul. A spectacular display of natural talent in the songwriting genre.

Her passion and hard work earned her the title “Award Winning Songwriter”. She won ...


Trying to fill these important dates

WI,MN,OH/US: May, 2017 (dates: 5-14) - Touring as a Duo, let's do a concert!

MN,OH,WI/US: May, 2017 (dates: All months) - Looking nationally at all possibilities.....Building a tour!

"To Love Her" 02/19/17

"Sail Goodbye" 02/12/17

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