"House Concerts - you and the music. No distractions."
Keith Rea
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Singer Songwriter Storyteller

Host/Venue Recommendations: 7

Member since: 2015-07-24
Home: Longview, TX, US
Frequently Tours: Yes
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Harmonica, Porch Board
Genre: Americana, Folk, Blues, Pop
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G - PG

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Honeysuckle Wine
A Girl In Longview Texas
My Sweet Loretta

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"This Labor Day I will be hosting Keith for the third time, and my friends are saying it is the event of the year!" - Phil Marble, Indian Lake House Concerts
"A friend of songwriters everywhere, thoughtful lyrics and compelling melodies make Keith a great listen." - Randy Treadway - In The Music Room

Recommendations from hosts

April, 2017 - "Keith (and Deb) are wonderful. He is a great entertainer and human being. I am lucky to call him a friend and can't wait for him to come back."
(J. Taylor)

October, 2016 - ...


Keith brings a wealth of experience to the stage as well as a variety of styles and genres. From love songs to train songs, Keith’s lyrics conjure stories of people, places, and situations that feel both familiar and yet somehow fresh. His instrumental styling’s cover the landscape from finger picked ballads to raucous twelve bar blues.

Trying to fill these important dates

IL,IN,OH/US: Apr, 2017 (dates: 4/15 and 4/28) - Midwest

TX,OK,LA/US: May, 2017 (dates: Very open) - Texas !!!!

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