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Debbie Miller
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personality-driven folk

Host/Venue Recommendations: 2

Member since: 2016-02-15
Home: Seattle, WA, US
Frequently Tours: Washington, Oregon, California, New York
# of Members: 1
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments: Piano, ukulele
Genre: indie folk, singer/songwriter, humor
Style: Mellow
Content: Mainstream comedy
Rating: PG - R

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From California (Live)
It's Been a Day
Brand New Album

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“Watching her perform live, Miller has an uncanny ability to keep an audience smiling the entire night"
– City Arts Magazine

“...utterly delightful...mixes elements of classical, folk, jazz, Tin Pan Alley, and pop with an endearing honesty and a delightful sense of humor into her personal, intimate songs.”
– This Week in New York

Recommendations from hosts

February, 2017 - " Pretty much the minute Debbie finished performing, I was thinking about when we could have her back. Her songs are by turn haunting, funny, quirky, moving ... always thoughtful. Her musical talent is varied and thoroughly entertaining. She was a...


"...personality-driven folk at its best"
- Northwest Music Scene

Seattle-based singer/songwriter Debbie Miller will tug at your heart, cause you to giggle, and make you think twice about crossing her – sometimes all during the same song. Blending humor with heart-wrenching honesty, Miller’s refreshing brand of unique lyrics and playful melodies capture and delight audiences. With song topics ranging from love to bathroom graffiti, Miller’s music oscillates flawlessly between folk-ish...


Trying to fill these important dates

CA,OR,WA/US: May, 2017 (dates: May 15-31) - Available for West Coast tour

CA,WA,OR/US: Jun, 2017 (dates: June 1-15) - Available for West Coast tour

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