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Annalise Emerick
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Honest, Relatable, Melodic

Host/Venue Recommendations: 39

Member since: 2013-02-25
Home: Nashville, TN, US
Frequently Tours: USA
# of Members: 1 or 2
Sound Equipment: Available if needed
Main Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Other Instruments:
Genre: folk, singer/songwriter
Style: Varied
Content: Mainstream
Rating: G - PG

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Save Us Again
January Blues
a Person for Everyone

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“If you try to put Emerick’s music in a box, you just might be wasting your time. ” - Billboard

“A lovely arrangement that falls somewhere between folk and country.” -CMT Edge

“On her album, Starry-Eyed, Annalise Emerick blends folk music with pop sensibilities as she crafts melodies as pretty as her name.” -The Deli, New England

Recommendations from hosts

March, 2017 - "Annalise totally charmed the crowd. She had long term fans in the audience, but my group also has diverse tastes and most artists aren't for everybody. However, Annalise had every single person there entranced. It was a great show with a talented and...


Annalise Emerick, a self-starting, twenty-something, singer-songwriter has been on the road virtually non-stop for six years. Choosing to leave behind any semblance of a normal life for the day-to-day of a traveling independent musician was always a no-brainer for the Nashville spitfire. In 2011, Emerick released her first project, Starry-Eyed, to heavy critical acclaim after it debuted at #9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. Three years after the release of her first EP, Emerick returned w...

Trying to fill these important dates

VA,MD,PA/US: Aug, 2017 (dates: 21-23, 25, 27) - Mid Atlantic tour

RI,CT,NH/US: Sep, 2017 (dates: 11-13,16,18-21) - New England tour

Twinkling Lights

This Love Won't Break Your Hea

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